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Pub robbery and murder suspect sentenced

Two bistro robbery and murder suspects have been handed heavy sentences over a case a year ago.

Tavern robbery suspects get what they deserve

The Mpumalanga High Court in Graskop sentenced Lawrence Menzi Mashego (31), Marite and Ramodimo Sandton Mailula (32), Acornhoek for the murder of Jabulani Piet Nxumayo and their co-assaulters.

Court verdicts suspect

Mashego was convicted of murder and two counts of robbery with aggravated circumstances and sentenced to 22 years in prison for the murder, according to National Prosecution Authority (NPA) spokeswoman Monica Nyuswa. Each count of robbery with aggravated circumstances carries a sentence of 10 years in prison.

Mailula, on the other hand, was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, 15 years for robbery and aggravated circumstances, 15 years for manslaughter, 5 years for illegal possession of a firearm, and another for possession of a firearm. Ammunition offense was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

“The court ordered all sentences to be executed concurrently with the sentence in item 1. Both defendants were declared unfit to possess firearms under section 103 of the Firearms Control Act No. 60 of 2000.”


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On July 30, 2021, the deceased was in a tavern in Ludlow Trust, Thulamahashhe district, when the accused entered the tavern and shot Nxumayo with a gun.

“They took the customer’s mobile phone, cash and alcohol. They then instructed the cashier and customer to load the alcohol into the deceased’s motor vehicle (Toyota Hilux) and take it away. While driving between Enenburg and Allandale Road, they were involved in An accident that resulted in the death of one of the co-attackers, Zwelithini Kubayi (31),” Nuswa elaborated.

She further explained that after police were alerted to the accident, they found Nxumayo’s identity card and driver’s license, as well as firearms and ammunition, during a vehicle search. This resulted in the arrest of the accused.

Two were convicted by the state

“The couple pleaded not guilty and denied their involvement. However, state advocate Tulani Msibi led various crime victim evidence and they were able to identify the two as culprits. They told the court the specific roles played by each defendant and the sequence of events linking them to the crime. Defense attorney Msibi further provided evidence of the confessions of the two defendants. The victim’s autopsy report revealed that Nxumayo died from a gunshot wound to the chest, while Kubayi died from multiple blunt force injuries to the body,” She elaborated.

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During the argument, Msibi told the court that the accused showed no remorse throughout the trial. He said that the defendant violated the right to life of the deceased, and human life was meaninglessly lost at the cruel hands of the defendant. The court considered all relevant factors and sentenced the couple accordingly.

Nyuswa concluded that the NPA admitted the defendant’s conviction and sentence.

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