Queen Letizia recreates her burgundy Massimo Dutti dress

We can count the days until Christmas on the fingers of one hand, but Doña Leticia there are still two prenatal engagements pendientes en su oficial agent. One of them, this afternoon’s: the celebration of The 15th anniversary of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation, a commemorative act which the Queen presided over in the same way as five years ago, on the organization’s tenth anniversary. In line with the sustainable initiatives it promotes, it takes the opportunity to recycling the most flattering dress I associated with another European queen.


🇧🇷 La Reina recreates her favorite work look in Granada: a colorful suit and tucked-in top

Spanish dress that makes the “waist of the waist”

La Reina preferred to take out from the bottom of the cupboard with burgundy dress with high waist, gathered waist and slightly flared sleeves which we immediately assumed to identify because he does not take it the first time. This is a design of Massimo Duttitaken from the Spanish firm’s Otoño/Invierno 2021 collection, which already not available in storesput it currently under the limited edition label at a price of 169 euros🇧🇷




🇧🇷 La Reina debuted a cuello bufanda dress with her most seductive boots

Your premiere date of February 2021when the Queen visited the National Library of Spain for the presentation of the exhibition Arenal concept. The Humanistic Passion 1820-1893🇧🇷 In this quote, discreetly complemented the creation of the sobriety of the Inditex group with same-color imported saloons, courtesy of Lodi; a black cape coat by Carolina Herrera and his gold bamboo pendants, visible thanks to the polished hair collection.


loved by them royalty: Maximum from the Netherlands también lo lévé

This flattering burgundy dress has all the qualities to charm royal women. And so it happened! In October 2020, four months before Doña Leticia premiered her copy, Maxima from the Netherlands lució with the same design made in Spain at the opening of the Acuerdo de Formadores de Música, which took place in the city of Utrecht, an event that I attended as honorary president of the association More music🇧🇷


Reyna’s eclectic style in her quotes with the foundation

son plural the initiatives of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation and Reyna participates in them every year, demonstrating its commitment to gender equality, the development of technology for the benefit of people in vulnerable situations, among other worthy causes. In November 2021 in act Connected through digital opportunitystubble dress with multicolored fringe on point Rachel by the Spanish firm Michonet, with its crimson bared salons, by Carolina Herrera. To complete the look, use “coco” morado beltthat ciño al abdomen that diseño fluid.

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