QUINA stacks up and the top prize reaches BRL 1.5 MILLION

Caixa Econômica Federal held 6,051 tenders this Saturday (14). Quina. In particular, the lottery could pay 700,000 BRL to the person who correctly guessed the five numbers drawn. However, no one managed to win the competition, and the main prize of the next drawing reached a million.

In one word, Caixa will be able to pay 1.5 million rials to those who match all ten drawn, but this amount may vary depending on the number of winners and the set of the competition.

The numbers drawn by Caixa Econômica this Saturday were: 01 – 07 – 49 – 59 – 61.

Although no one matched the five tens drawn and won the top prize, thousands of games were awarded. However, the amounts paid out were much smaller than the top prize.

Check out Quina’s 6.051 contest winning tracks below:

  • 4 strokes. 34 bets reached tens and will amount to 9191.40 BRL each;
  • 3 strokes. 3,269 bets reach tens and will be R$91.04 each;
  • 2 strokes. 92,067 bets reached tens and will be Rs 3.23 each.

According to Caixa Econômica, this Saturday’s Quina contest raised more than R$6.8 million. This shows the considerable amount of money that the bank manages to collect, even if it pays high sums to winning bettors.

Learn how to play Quina

Quina is one of the most popular lotteries in the country. In short, those interested in betting in this way can go to an accredited Caixa lottery agency to play their games.

However, if one prefers to bet without leaving home, simply download and log in to the Caixa lottery app. Games can be played quickly and easily, offering much more convenience to users who do not have to queue at branches.

In particular, anyone who is interested in gambling and wants to bet on Quina via the Internet must be over 18 years of age, as determined by the Caixa Econômica.

In short, the bettor must register in the bank’s own application. In this registration, the person must fill in the credit card number with which he will pay for the prepared game.

It is worth noting that it is not possible to play a simple game of Quina on the Internet. It is because The minimum online bet amount is R$30that is, the bettor will not be able to place a bet if his game does not reach this value.

Although this rule seems pretty bad, a bettor can get around it quite easily. To do this, it is enough for him to play a few simple Quina games and then reach the minimum amount determined by the Caixa Econômica. In addition, it is also possible to select a larger number of tens, per game, to reach the minimum value.

There is another way to reach R$30, but it involves other methods. In short, players who prefer to diversify their games can bet on other sports such as Mega-Sena and Lotofácil. That way, the person will be able to reach the minimum amount and place their bets without leaving the house.

The minimum bet is worth BRL 2.00

Betting on Quina is very simple. In short, the player has to choose five numbers from 80 lottery numbers from 1 to 80. In particular, the bets placed must have at least five numbers, but this amount is not mandatory. This is because players can choose up to 15 dozens per bet.

By the way, a single bet, on five numbers, gives you a chance to hit over 24 million, a very small number that reflects the difficulty of hitting. However, the game with 15 tens selected gives the opportunity to hit 6 thousand, which shows the increased chances that a person will have to hit the lottery.

See the value of each bet below.

  • 5 selected dozen: R$ 2.00;
  • Selected 6 dozen: R$12.00;
  • 7 selected dozen: R$42.00;
  • Selected 8 dozen: R$112.00;
  • 9 selected dozen: BRL 252.00;
  • Selected 10 dozen: BRL 504.00;
  • 11 dozen selected: BRL 924.00;
  • Selected 12 dozen: BRL 1,584.00;
  • 13 dozen selected: BRL 2,574.00;
  • 14 dozen selected: BRL 4,004.00;
  • 15 dozen selected, BRL 6,006.00.

Even though betting more tens gives the bettor a much higher chance of success, the payout is also much higher. Therefore, everyone needs to assess their financial circumstances and determine if the risk is really worth it. Otherwise, it’s better to invest the money in something that doesn’t need luck to work.

See what success is on the Internet.

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