Racial, religious or sexual orientation discrimination has a special police department in the CE

Ceará, like the Federal Region, now has a police department dedicated to the suppression of crimes of racial, religious or sexual orientation (Decrim) of the Civil Police of Ceará (PC-CE). The aim is to provide protection and shelter for the most vulnerable.

“It is very important that we live in a society of respect and harmony. But unfortunately, we still have cases of racism, religious intolerance, violence against the LGBT population,” said Ceará Governor Elmano de Freitas (PT).

The Secretariat of Public Security and Social Protection (PSSC) and the Secretariat of Social Protection, Justice, Citizenship, Women and Human Rights (SPC) jointly built the police department.


Public Safety and Social Protection Secretary Samuel Elanio highlighted the importance of the police station. “It is a huge step forward in the fight against discrimination and intolerance of any kind.”

Determined to offer a more humane service, the police department will operate in the Center for Socio-Productive Learning and Inclusion (Cefisp), which houses the Thina Rodrigues LGBT+ Reference Centre, a space linked to SPS that offers reception and assistance to the LGBTI+ population, with social vulnerability or LGBTphobia. in the resulting violence situation.

In the same environment is the Human Rights Reference Center, which deals with other vulnerable places and human rights violations.

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Mharinnes Gómez, a trans woman and resident of the suburbs of Fortaleza, is a member of the group, which was welcomed by Tina Rodríguez of the LGBT+ State Information Center, praised the initiative.

“Now, with Decrim, it will help even more our population that suffers so much every day,” Mharinnes said. “I feel that we have been embraced,” he said.

The United Black Movement, Joelma Carine, also celebrated the creation of Decrim.

“It is an achievement not only for blacks, but also for other vulnerable groups. Social security indicators show that this segment of the population suffers greatly from inequality and oppression, especially in everyday life. So, having this police station, those people will have greater protection support,” he said.

Decrim’s chief delegate, Daniel Mendonza, said efforts would be made to involve the population in a network of support and complaints. “We need the public to understand the importance of reporting these crimes, which will be treated and punished as crimes.”

Decrim will operate in the same location as the Thina Rodrigues LGBT+ Reference Center in Fortaleza. — Photo: Government of Ceará/Reproduction

According to the Ceara government.

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