Rain roguelike is in danger of getting a remake with new content and overhauled multiplayer. The first trailer and gameplay have been released

Gearbox Publishing and American developer Hopoo Games have announced Risk of Rain Returns, a remake of their 2D multiplayer platformer with trashy elements, Risk of Rain.

Image source: Gearbox Publishing

The creators call Risk of Rain Returns an improved and expanded version of Risk of Rain, including redesigned gameplay elements and lots of new content.

In particular, the team promises new pixel art and codebase, improved sound, additional music, balance and gameplay fixes, as well as redesigned multiplayer.

In terms of content, Risk of Rain Returns will feature new survivors (and new abilities for old ones), items (including some from Rain of Rain 2), enemies, location variations, interactive elements, and some additional gameplay.

The Risk of Rain Returns announcement trailer (attached above) contains no gameplay footage, unlike a four-minute story on the project (attached below) from a Hopoo Games employee.

Risk of Rain Returns is expected to release in 2023 for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. According to the plot, the players find themselves on the planet Petrikor V, from where they have to get out (alone or in a company), making their way among the monsters.

Risk of Rain Returns was developed entirely by Hopoo Games, but Gearbox, who recently picked up the entire franchise, will be responsible for creating all future games in the series.

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