Raven season 3 – how was it made? Interview with the creators

It’s quite an original story, since “The Raven” was planned as a mini-series that will not have a sequel. “Kruk. It’s dark here”, the third season will soon debut on CANAL+ online – why was it created? We’re talking to the creators.

We had to wait for the continuation of “The Raven”, but the creators decided to shoot two new seasons, spreading the plot into two series. This meant that they would be connected and complement each other naturally, and the last episode of season 3 would be the definitive ending. But are you sure? We ask the creators about it, and among the answers is an interesting idea for a side project. We also discuss whether today’s series are made for the smaller screen and what it’s like to return to such a role.

In the latest episode of the podcast, you can listen to interviews with Adrian Panko and Maciej Pieprzyca (directors of season 3, previously Pieprzyca was responsible for both seasons), Michał Żurawski (player of the main role) and Jakub Korolczuk (screenwriter), who conceived and wrote the entire plot. What is he preparing now? what is he working on What productions will be based on his text? We invite you to listen.

Raven season 3 – how was it made? Interview with the creators

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