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Reading keeps the heart warm [Resenha]

You know that book you finish with a warm heart? So that’s what happened to me when I read RJ Palacio’s work and that’s why today we’re reviewing Extraordinário here on the blog!

In the story, we know the story of August Pullman, or simply Auggie, a little boy who was born with a rare syndrome, as a result of which his face is distorted. Auggie is homeschooled, but as he gets older, his parents decide to send him to school.

Auggie’s first reaction is anger because he doesn’t want to go to school, but after a while he starts to fear what people think, especially about his appearance. After some time, Auggie and his mother get to know the school, and there he meets three children who become his classmates during the school year: Charlotte, Julian and Jack Will. As strange as the situation is, Auggie goes to school. At first, people think he’s weird and even make fun of him, but Auggie gradually wins everyone over.

Told from the point of view of Auggie, as well as his family and friends, Extraordinary is a book dedicated to young people and succeeds in capturing the impact that a boy can have on the lives and behavior of everyone, family, friends and community – a strong, moving and undoubtedly extraordinarily positive impact that touches all kinds of readers.

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Review of Extraordinary

Knowing the school

I really liked the attitude of the teachers who made him fit in and were kind enough to see his situation and I especially liked Professor Browme for his guidance.

I thought his friendship with Summer was really cool, the one who, regardless of people’s comments, goes to sit with Auggie on the first day, and together they make a list of people, named after the seasons, who could sit at the table with him.

His friendship with Jack Will is different, they slowly grow closer because of the classes and when they find out they are already best friends, it was really cool to see the two playing and walking together, I was just sad when Jack said he would rather die than have a face like Auggie’s , he didn’t deserve it.

The book is told almost entirely from Auggie’s point of view, but in some chapters he is interspersed with his sister Olivia, her friend Summer, Jack Will, Via’s boyfriend, and her best friend Miranda.

The Auggie family

Another thing I loved about the book and think it’s important to highlight in this extra review was Auggie’s family’s relationship with him. I liked that her mother is Brazilian, although this is not covered much in the book. I know that both of his parents care about him very much and love him with all their hearts, but mostly his mother protects and loves Auggie to the point where it sometimes borders on overprotective. Auggie’s father, on the other hand, seems to be the father everyone should be, who loves, protects, advises and even jokes.

His sister Olivia loves him but feels lonely in her house. He says it “Your brother is the house sun and the rest of the family are the planets orbiting him.” He also starts the school year at a new school, but unlike his brother, he has friends he can count on, or so he thinks, until they cut him off for good. Via begins to think more about her relationship with her mother, who is quite turbulent, and what it would be like if her brother was normal. This, of course, causes him to feel duplicitous about the relationship and soon he feels guilty about it – after all, he loves his brother very much, he’s just tired of feeling alone and has to fight these feelings to find peace. and find the company you want.

Relationship with friends

Back to Auggie, he gets really mad at Jack after a few poorly placed sentences and ignores him for a while. Before the end of the book, we have a chapter from his point of view that tells everything from the beginning of the year – when the principal asked Jack to introduce the school to Auggie. Thus, we can follow everything that happened from Jack’s point of view, when he realizes the mistake he made and comes to correct it later.

The highlight of the book was the camp. Here we see that even though Auggie feels lonely, he has a lot of friends and is having fun.

On the last day, he and Jack run into the bigger boys. As is typical of this type of scene in American works, the older boys soon start looking for trouble until more of Auggie’s classmates show up to defend him.

One annoying thing that happens in the book is people’s prejudice, they judge you before meeting you. A good example of this is Julian’s mother, who in one scene in the book edits a photo to remove Auggie. And even Julian himself, playing silly pranks on Auggie. Except for the other kids who wouldn’t touch him saying he had the plague. It’s sad to see this and know that this happens not only in the book but also in real life.

What touched me the most was graduation, seeing how Auggie grew over the course of the school year. For example, she always grows her hair long to cover her face, but on graduation day she grows her hair much shorter and shows more of her face – another indication of her growth is how she managed to make a lot of friends during the school year. , even in appearance. And finally, the medal she won is such a beautiful scene, I was so proud of her, and it felt like I was there in the school auditorium applauding her, and the principal’s line was so amazing: “Greatness is not strength, but the right use of power… Great is he whose power wins the most hearts.”

To end the review of Extraordinário, I singled out a few instructions that appear in the work:

  • “When given the choice between right and kindness, choose to be kind.” -Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
  • “Don’t make friends who aren’t on your level.” “Confucius.
  • “Audentes iuvat fortune. (Fortune favors the brave.)” – Virgil
  • “It’s better to know a few questions than all the answers.” —James Thurber
  • “Kind words don’t cost much, but they still accomplish a lot.” – Blaise Pascal
  • “Everyone should get a standing ovation at least once in their life because we all conquered the world.” “Auggie.

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