Reaffirms 2022/2. Inep publishes the result of reanalysis of failed diplomas

The National Institute of Educational Studies and Research, Anísio Teixeira (Inep) published this Monday afternoon, July 18, the results of the reanalysis of the diplomas of the participants of the 1st stage of the National Examination for the Revalidation of Medical Diplomas, issued by the Educational Institution Foreign Superior (Revalidated) 2022/2.

The re-analysis was carried out in the cases of candidates who appealed the first result of the analysis of the diplomas. Complaints can be submitted until July 14.

In this way, Inep carried out a re-analysis of the documents of those candidates who appealed the initial rejection of their diplomas within the specified period. Candidates can now check the result of the process through Revalida system on the participant page.

In order to participate in the 1st phase of Revalida, the participant must have a Medical degree issued by a foreign higher education institution; recognized by the Ministry of Education or an equivalent authority in the country of origin of the document and authenticated by a Brazilian consular authority or through the process of the Convention on the Abolition of the Requirement for Legalization of Foreign Public Documents.

There is an exception for refugees who do not have their diplomas and in other situations defined by law. In these cases, it is possible to provide evidence through specific documents, as defined in Revalida’s public notice.

1st round exams

Inep received applications for the 1st phase of Revalida 2022/2 until June 27. After registration, candidates must attach the diploma and inform the city where they want to take the test.

Phase 1 tests will be administered today August 7. The public notice also states that the tests will be carried out in the following capitals: Brazil (DF), São Paulo (SP), Recife (PE), El Salvador (BA), Campo Grande (MS), Curitiba (PR). ), Porto Alegre (RS) and Rio Branco (AC).

See details in the announcement of the 1st phase of Revalida.

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