Record financing of electricity in 2022. See how to reach 1500 PLN. We advise you on how to submit a request for additional payment of the electricity bill

The record fee for electricity comes into effect. For energy co-financing, they will receive up to HRK 800,000. households. You can apply for a one-time allowance of PLN 1,500 for electricity in 2022. The law adopted by the Sejm also provides for the freezing of electricity prices in 2023. Check who is entitled to the state electricity allowance in 2022 – called the electricity allowance. See when you need to apply for electricity compensation and when we will receive the money.


Seym passed a law protecting Polish families from rising electricity prices. The government’s decision foresees, among other things, freeze electricity prices In 2023, as part of the so-called Solidarity Shield at the current level, up to 2000 kWh of annual consumption. This threshold is comparable to the average household energy consumption. Only the excess over the limit will be settled according to the tariff in force in 2023. I can count on a higher ceiling persons with disabilities (up to 2.6 thousand kWh) i households with a large family card and farmers (limit up to 3,000 kWh).

As part of the act also introduced disposable electrical accessory. This new government idea aims to protect families where the primary source of heating in the property is electricity. This applies, among other things, to heat pumps.

Households that use photovoltaic panels do not receive a fee for electricity, even if they use a heat pump to heat the house. The content of the law contains a provision that if a household uses electricity produced from a photovoltaic micro-installation, it is not entitled to a one-time support for electricity. Families who have already applied for a subsidy for another fuel cannot apply for a one-off subsidy, eg coal, wood, pellets, fuel oil or liquefied LPG.

In 2022, families who use electricity to heat their homes can apply for a one-time electricity fee.

The law adopted by the Government foresees the following the amount of one-time energy source:

  • PLN 1,000 – if the annual electricity consumption is standard and amounts to 5 MWh;
  • PLN 1,500 – for annual electricity consumption above 5 MWh.

The basic condition for obtaining one-time financing of electricity is get entrance or notification of the main source of heating (in this case powered by electricity) to Central register of emissivity of buildings (CEEB). The request can be brought personally to the local community or city office. Another way was to send it electronically by logging into the CEEB.gov.pl website (via a trusted profile or e-proof) or by registered mail via traditional mail. Unfortunately, despite the extension of the original deadline (June 30), they could now have problems with submitting the form and obtaining the one-time energy allowance.

The one-time electricity subsidy is also lost if the family after August 11, 2022 amended the CEEB declarationby changing the type of main heat source.

You will be able to apply for electricity compensation from December 1, 2022. We will be able to submit the forms for two months, and the deadline is February 1, 2023. If more than one household lives at the same address, there is one fee for electricity for all families that live there permanently.

The government is also trying to encourage Poles to save electricity. Households that will not consume more than 90 percent of energy in 2023 compared to this year can count on a 10% discount in 2024. total costs of electricity consumption in 2023

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