Red Bull bet on a new flavor and chose Brazil for the launch in 2022

A new temporary member of Red Bull’s ‘Editions’ line, which consists of flavored energy drinks, the brand announces a new addition for summer 2022: strawberry and peach flavors. Available on the shelves of all points of sale in the national territory, Brazil has been chosen as the first country in Latin America to distribute the product for sale to the public. The launch combines the sweet and slightly sour taste of strawberry with an intense touch of peach.

With a large increase in sales in 2021, the company reached the figure of 9.804 billion cans of Red Bull sold worldwide in one year, which represents an increase of 24.3% compared to 2020. In terms of value, the increase increased from 6.307 billion euros to 7.816 billion euros. In terms of sales, revenue, productivity and operating profit, the numbers have increased and represent the best results in the company’s history so far.

In Brazil, the scenario follows the same line, including through the new Red Bull Summer Edition Morango e Pêssego, available until the end of summer or while stocks last. The launch offers the same functional benefits as other Red Bull flavors: mood, focus and an extra dose of energy for the busiest days. The composition contains ingredients such as caffeine, B complex vitamins, spring water from the Austrian Alps and taurine – a natural amino acid in the human body that is present in a wide range of biological processes.

Red Bull Summer Edition strawberry and peach

Capacity:250 ml

Sale period:until the end of summer or until stocks run out

Place:available at all points of sale throughout the country

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