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Red cabbage salad will be tastier than grandma’s. Two strong ingredients play a key role

Instead of mayonnaise and cream, add 2 more ingredients to red cabbage salad. The effect will be amazing. Everyone will ask for accuracy. What are the products?

Classic red cabbage salad usually consists only of this product, onions and sour cream, mayonnaise and spices. It is tasty, quick and, above all, very easy to prepare. It is a great addition that goes well with almost any dish. You can spice up this salad by using two rather unremarkable ingredients.

Red cabbage salad with 2 strong ingredients

You don’t need to add cream or mayonnaise to red cabbage salad. The other 2 ingredients will work just fine. It is garlic and vinegar. Thanks to them, he will be much tastier and much more aromatic.

The combination of these two additions will make the effect really great. The salad will also be much lighter, so you won’t get extra calories.

How to make red cabbage salad better?

Red cabbage salad will be even tastier if you add orange juice to it. This is the way of the best chefs, thanks to which it will have both sour and sweet notes.

A unique taste is also guaranteed by the addition of mustard (you can use any type). If you prefer to enjoy a delicate taste, then choose cream, table or delicacy. For spice lovers, Sarepska mustard will be even better.

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