Redmi Note already has 300 million users

I bet you’ve had a smartphone from this series at least once in your life. The most popular Redmi Note of Poles already has 300 million buyers around the world.

Xiaomi no longer counts such huge increases, nor does it set profitability standards. However, one has to admit that they still have a lot of smartphones to present at nice prices. The series definitely falls into that category Redmi note. Today we managed to break another milestone. Very impressive.

Redmi Note already has 300 million buyers

I have personally used four Redmi Note models and all have been remembered as successful investments. From year to year, MIUI is also getting better and lighter overlay. It doesn’t surprise me at all that by the end of 2022 it managed to reach 300 million buyers around the world. This is of course the result of the beginning of this series.

Sale of the Redmi Note series / manufacturer photo

In 2022 alone, Redmi Note users became another 60 million fans of profitable smartphones. At the same time, it would be nice if Xiaomi did without such flowers as Redmi Note 11 2023 / Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G. Messy naming does not befit a producer of such popularity.

After two average generations, will Redmi Note 12 conquer the masses and make fans fall in love with it again? Judge for yourself and remember the specification before the Polish premiere.

Xiaomi swept! Fantastic prices and fabulous specifications: Redmi Note 12 Pro official


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