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Reese Witherspoon admits she won’t make ‘Blonde in Love 3’ without Jennifer Coolidge / Incredible

Reese Witherspoon has made more than 40 films in her decades-long career, but the 2001 production Legally blonde, it is still one of his most iconic and beloved works. The film spawned a sequel, Legally Blonde 2 and even one turned around not very famous. However, people are still eager for more and the actress is determined to reprise her role as Elle Woods. For this to happen, however, a condition must be met.

Witherspoon is showing endless support for her co-star

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In an interview, the American actress talked about the third sequel to Legally blonde, confirmed by Witherspoon herself in a since-deleted Instagram post. He also mentioned how important Jennifer Coolidge was to be a part of the project. “Does not exist Legally Blonde 3 without Jennifer Coolidge,” Witherspoon said of her friend, who played Paulette Bonafonte, a manicurist in the first two films of the franchise.

Witherspoon also commented on Coolidge’s new success. “I’m so happy for Jennifer,” he said, “She deserves everything she’s getting right now. She is naturally talented and funny, everyone loves her. Just show yourself to everyone to say “I love you”. She’s been doing such an amazing job for such a long time, so it’s great to see her at this amazing time.”

Jennifer Coolidge is excited Legally Blonde 3

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Coolidge, who is currently enjoying success after receiving widespread critical acclaim for her portrayal of Tanya McQuaid in the series The white lotus (whose performance won her a Golden Globe), is looking forward to joining the cast of Legally Blonde 3. However, the 61-year-old actress has not yet received an official invitation to join the project.

“I don’t know anything, I mean, I don’t know if they want to surprise me or something because I hear a lot about it,” he admitted in an interview. “I heard that Mindy [Kaling] there’s this amazing version of our next round, but I haven’t read it or gotten a call yet.”

However, Mindy Kaling, star of The office and screenwriter of Legally Blonde 3it was revealed that Coolidge’s character was already included in the new script and that the actress had a “1000% chance” of returning in the next film.

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