Repairing a wet cell phone with rice, mythical origin

It’s one of those wisdoms that nobody knows where it came from, the kind of knowledge that all cultures share. about put the wet phone in the rice It’s something we’ve all heard of, but few know much more about. But at AndroidAyuda we don’t want to hesitate, and we’ll solve it for you. In this article we will try to answer the following questions: is it necessary to put a mobile phone immersed in rice? Where did this idea come from? It remains for you to find it.

Since the dawn of mankind, popular knowledge has existed in society. Thanks to the great communication skills developed by our species, it is possible to transmit relevant information within communities, and in some cases, between different human groups. This feature was developed by homo sapiens It will not be wasted, because it greatly increases our ability to adapt.

In this way, the humans who knew how to take in information and work better with it were the ones who managed to survive the resulting reproduction, and it was they who eventually filled the world, becoming the communities we know today.

In other words, Communication is what makes us who we are. But in many cases, instead of life-relevant information, “gossip” can take other forms. The information shared may in many cases not be completely true. AND when it is not easy to prove the falsity of a statement, it can still be true for people.

Should I place the phone dipped in rice?

glass case table

NO, you don’t have to. Now let me explain why.

When the phone is submerged in water, suffer corrosion damage almost at this time. Sometimes the phone turns off, sometimes you turn it off yourself (if it doesn’t turn itself off, that’s the best you can do). But then comes another important process. What do you do after your phone gets wet?

  1. You take your phone out of the pool, they’re all wet and die, obviously the last thing you want is for him to take more damage. You regret juggling this and the car keys.
  2. The people’s strategy on many occasions is to leave it in a well-ventilated space with natural light. But! Do you remember The perfect trick you’ve heard works wonders: stick your phone in rice.
  3. You go to the kitchen and find a bag of rice, put down the phone and you’re done! wait.


you’re back 24 hours later, it’s been a tough day without the phone, but things could be better. Currently, the following scenarios are possible:

You are lucky

android phone in hand

Your phone turns on, and the battery is a little weak. What actually happened is that water evaporates inside the phoneAlthough some remnants may remain. It is almost certain that your device has some glitches liquid damageHowever, it is also possible that rice dust will cause damage to the phone. Between these two dangerous elements, the useful life of the terminal will be reducedand while it still works, it could in the long run suffer more serious failure.

You’re out of luck

Phone won’t turn on, or turns on and restarts. Nothing happens, you load it, then 2 things can happen:

  1. It’s fixedYou’re back to “you’re lucky”.
  2. not fixed: You can repeat the waiting process or take it to a professional. It may never work again.

Placing a Wet Phone in Rice: Summary

I never said that rice absorbs water, because that’s not something that happens. The phone dries normally, without any interference from the rice. instead, your terminal may have some damage (similar to that caused by water) if you get grain particles.

phone broken rice

The image is a bit exaggerated but gets the point across

The reason why this method is so popular and so many people believe it works is simple. Many times the phone has been dropped into the water, after which it is very likely that it will work again after they have lost all the water. Many people are used to sticking their phones in rice, they always do, and they assumed that when the phone was fixed it was a blessing to put it in rice. The reality is that it is a myth without any support, but it is widespread.

What to do with a wet phone

  1. remove the accessory that you have connected at this time and cable if you have some. Turn off your phone if it doesn’t turn itself off on splash.
  2. unload your phone everything that allows you.
  3. Dry with a piece of soft, lint-free cloth.
  4. let him clean surfaces in a well-ventilated area and where it receives natural light. Wait at least one day.

phone drying

The origin of the myth

First, since the 20th century it is a common practice to place spaces in rice to remove moisture. Around 2000, several cases of people starting to document having used this trick became known. Has been the first case with Nokia 5130.

A month after the release of the original iPhone, a forum documented the first time the trick was used with an iPhone.

Until now, it is still difficult to combat this phenomenon. Is it’s very common for any tech professional to accept people every day who put their phones in rice. This is usually not good news, as the damage is quite large.

The good thing about sticking your phone in rice

moving wet rice

However, even with all this being said, it might not be such a bad idea to dip the phone in the rice. It may seem to you that what I am saying is nonsense, but “to Caesar, what belongs to Caesar”. Putting your phone in rice has a positive effect on something: people’s beliefs.

If you tell someone to put their phone in a corner for a day, they’ll say yes, but they won’t wait 5 hours. then it will go to turn on your phone or even charge it while there is still water in itand that’s where the terminal comes from.

instead, if you tell him to put it in rice, he will do it without hesitation. This is a human behavior problem.

This article talks more about this phenomenon

In the end, that’s how it is. I hope I’ve helped you, and now you understand why putting a phone soaked in rice to fix it is a myth.

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