responds to the school letter. “We urge you to wear a mask.”

Reinhold Bauhus, director of Lünen’s KKG and spokesperson for the school’s management, approaches the new school year with reservations. © dpa/KKG

According to the NRW minister, the start of the school should go without wearing a mask and a series of tests. Reinhold Bauhus, Lunen’s director, is skeptical about the fall and has one particular concern.

A week and a half before the start of schools, NRW School Minister Dorothy Feller (CDU) clarified the route of Corona. After that, there should not be a mandatory requirement for a mask, but an instruction to do it voluntarily.

A large number of unreported cases are feared

“We urge you to voluntarily continue to wear a mask.”

“The mask plays an important role”

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