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RETURN 2022 |: Every libido will be punished

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Sexist comments about Ukrainian refugee women cost state representative Artur do Val (União-SP) his term in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (Halesp).in May 2022, making him ineligible for eight years.

A member of the Movement for Free Brazil (MBL) sent audios during an alleged humanitarian trip to the border of Slovakia and Ukraine. saying that there would be women in a country attacked by Russia “It’s easy because they’re poor.”

🇧🇷As soon as this war is over, I will return here. In detail: they are looking. And they are easy because they are poor. And here is my email from Instagram, full of subscribers, working perfectly. I didn’t catch anyone, we didn’t have time, but I stuck two groups of mines in mine, and it’s unbelievable how easy it is.” said the former MP, also known as Mama Falay, in an audio clip sent to a private group of friends on WhatsApp.

At that time, the deputy confirmed that he was the author of the audios and withdrew his candidacy for the government of the state of São Paulo.

🇧🇷That’s not what I think. What I said was wrong in the moment of excitement. The impression you leave here is that I have arrived there, there were many people, and I say, whoever wants to come with me, I am going to buy something. That’s not it. I went to do something, I sent an unhappy audio, and the impression was created that I went to do something else.Do Val said, trying to justify his behavior.

As a result of the bad case. Arthur de Val was forced to resign After Aleppo’s Council on Ethics and Parliamentary Propriety approved a report calling for his removal. Despite his resignation, he still had to face a plenary vote. By the rules of Aleppo, the resignation of the mandate does not interrupt the cassation process. Do Val lost his seat on May 17 in a unanimous vote violation of parliamentary respectability🇧🇷

I spoke after mom. Former Bolsonaro adviser Gabriel Monteiro (PL-RJ) also had his political career cut short after accusations of moral and sexual harassment.🇧🇷 In April, the former prime minister had published a video in which he appeared having sex with a 15-year-old teenager. The recording was shared on Twitter and WhatsApp, and Monteiro accused former employees of leaking it. The following month, he became an accused after the Justice accepted the complaint of the public ministry.

Gabriel Monteiro had his mandate revoked on August 19, for violation of parliamentary affiliation on charges of rape, sexual harassment and having fake videos for the Internet. The adviser was arrested in November after turning himself in to police of Icara, Rio de Janeiro, and the Justice has ruled on it preventive detention.

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