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Right without Bolsonarism

Photo: Planalto Palace/Flickr

Apparently a former president Jair Bolsonaro will not be able to start a political tradition in the country, political scientist Leonardo Barreto believes Crusoe. Then there are liberals and conservatives/evangelicalswho do not speak.

“And even putting the legal issue aside, the fact is that the former president does not seem to have the courage or conditions to implement a new presidential projectsquandering the window of opportunity to create a popular conservative opposition in Brazil by not admitting defeat, not declaring flags for which he would continue to fight, not having pre-planned popular demonstrations on symbolic dates, and leaving the country without explanation.

so again moved away from liberals and conservatives/evangelicals — who, however, do not speak. Academic and market leaders who make up the liberal group have made it clear they don’t like the grassroots origins of neo-Pentecostals, and question the legitimacy of mixing faith with elections. Evangelicals, for their part, lack the enlightened influencers to reach the largely secular middle class. Thus, they end up not participating in the debate that shapes ‘larger’ public opinion and continue to be viewed with prejudice by the establishment.”

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