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Rising New York Giants midfielder could make an impact in first season

The New York Giants’ 2022 NFL Draft class was widely praised. The Giants earned some consensus studs in the first round of the draft with Kayvon Thibodeaux and Evan Neal. But even the giants’ mid- and late-round recruitments have been praised by fans and analysts alike. One mid-round starter who could make an impact on the Giants this season is linebacker Micah McFadden.

What Micah McFadden brings to the Giants

The New York Giants drafted Indiana quarterback Micah McFadden in the fifth round with pick number 146 in the draft. McFadden was a fast-passing specialist during his time at Indiana. For a full-back off the ball, McFadden’s ability to dash into the middle is impressive. Micah McFadden’s fast passing skills make him a perfect fit for Wink Martindale’s defensive scheme.

Micah McFadden scored an impressive 6.5 sacks, 15.5 tackles to lose, and 77 total tackles in 2021. He was also named by the PFF as the best quarterback in CFB last year. Over the past two years, McFadden totaled 26.5 TFLs and 12.5 sacks to go along with 92.9 PFF Passing score in rush since 2020.

Ravens Blitz ratio under Don “Wink” Martindale:

  • 2018- 1 (39.6%)
  • 2019- 1 (54.9%)
  • 2020 – 1st (44.1%)
  • 2021 – sixth (31.1%)

McFadden’s 60 combined midfield pressures from 2020-2021 were ranked third by the midfielder college football during that time period. The Giants will operate a heavy defense system with Wink Martindale in town. This scheme should increase Micah McFadden’s skill set and give him opportunities to make an impact as a passing quarterback.

The Giants were not only getting exceptional passes when they drafted Micah McFadden, but they were also getting an exceptional athlete. McFadden scored 9.47 RSI (RAS) of 10.00 possible, ranked 130 out of 2,419 pounds from 1987 to 2022. His speed and agility scores were elite as he flew with a split of 1.54s 10 yards in a 40-yard dash.

Indiana used Micah McFadden in a variety of ways in their defense. Sent from many angles. Indiana developed a unique blitz package that allowed McFadden to thrive. Expect to see Wink Martindale demand some of the creative lightning packs that get Micah McFadden involved in the New York Giants defense this season.

A rookie New York Giants player who could make an impact in Season 1 made his first appearance on Empire Sports Media.

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