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Rising star RT Giants Evan Neal has received a glowing review from Leonard Williams

The New York Giants are filled with excellent draw picks in the trenches entering the 2022 season. Offensive tackles Andrew Thomas, Evan Neal, linebacker Kavonne Tebodeau and Leonard Williams were among the top seven picks. Also, along the defensive front, Dexter Lawrence was another first-round pick and Aziz Ogulari was second.

All of these players have had some sort of prior success at the professional and collegiate level. As a result, it did make some of the fights during this bootcamp noteworthy. Especially when it comes to two of the top seven picks for the Giants this year, Thibodeaux and Neal.

  • Rising star RT Giants Evan Neal has received a glowing review from Leonard Williams
  • New York Giants face rookie breakout Evan Neal how he’ll help Daniel Jones
  • New York Giants left guard post battle takes shape during training camp

Leonard Williams on Evan Neal and his potential with the New York Giants:

After yesterday’s practice, Williams met with the media. When asked about Neal and what he sees in him, Williams had nothing but great things to say. Williams said, “Evan Neal, he’d be a great player, and it would be fun to go against him.”

Taking on a talented and proven eight-year veteran at Williams should only help Neal with his early development. Neil himself has the physical and athletic ability to become a great player and a key piece for the Giants’ long-term future. Immediately as a newbie, expectations are rather high for the seventh overall pick.

As one of the former Top Six, Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley are entering pivotal years. If Neal is able to provide an immediate impact similar to Tristan Wirves and Rashaun Slater over the past couple of years, he could go a long way in the backyard for the Giants.

After years of struggling, General Manager Joe Shuen could set up the Giants team for success for years to come, with its first draft class headed by elite elite Tibodo and Neil.

RT rookie Evan Neal after Giants received a glowing review from Leonard Williams for his first appearance on Empire Sports Media.

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