Risqué has introduced a new collection at Metaverso nail salon

The site was developed alongside JNTO, Index and Ampfy and will officially launch live on Twitch this Friday (14).

Risqué opened the first nail salon in Metaverso to promote its new collection, Nosso Metaverso. In total, the collection has six colors.

Hosted on the Inverso RP server, an online virtual reality game, the nail salon allows users to interact. In space, they can try out new skins and give them a chance to use in-game by painting their nails.

The launch event will feature a real manicurist working in a virtual space. Nail artist influencer Roberta Muniz, manicurist of celebrities such as Anita, Pablo Vitar, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Maisa, Bruna Marquez, among others, has been invited by the brand to represent this category of specialists.

“One of our commitments is to bring new first-hand experiences to our consumers. That’s why we worked to open this interactive space that combines real and virtual life. And of course, we couldn’t help but bring back a manicurist to represent the professionals so important to Riske, to once again deliver the best to our audience, in any universe,” said Regian Bueno, Vice President. marketing group for Coty.

The Nail Salon officially launches this Friday (14th) at 8:30pm live on Twitch with streamers Isabeli Fontinelli, Giulietta, Virginia Albuquerque and Tynara Ju, hosted by the manicure avatar. The site was developed together with JNTO, Index and Ampfy.

Guests will be able to get their nails done while influencers and manicurists share more information about the new collection, the colors and the powers each one has to offer. After a virtual trial of the colors, guests will be able to purchase the Risqué editions online and via metatrade and receive them at home.

“In this campaign, in addition to introducing the new nail polish line, we aim to identify new trends and connect the brand with the public through them. We’ve created the first nail salon in the metaverse and with it an opportunity for everyone to express themselves through color, whether in the real world or in the virtual world,” added Bruno Ernica, Creative Director of Ampfy.

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