Riverview Cutoff Road project approved for $1.5 million

Recap of Tuesday’s Fremont County Commissioners meeting

Fremont County Commissioners met at the Lander Courthouse on Tuesday. The following press release was issued after the meeting:

• A final payment to Avail Valley Construction, WY, LLC was approved in the amount of $153,211.02 for the Country Acres road resurfacing project.

• DOWL Amendment #3 to the Professional Services Agreement between the Owner and DOWL, LLC for the Country Acres Road Reconstruction Project was approved in the amount of $2,700 for additional services as a result of the contractor exceeding its contract days for construction and closing of the final project .

• For Alexander Excavation, Inc. a notice of separation for the Riverview Cutoff Widening and Overlay Project was approved in an amount not to exceed $1,502,988,

• A report was provided by County Clerk Julie Freese and Assistant Manager Margy Irvine, which outlined expenditures related to the 2022 primary and general elections totaling $329,778.

• As this was Chairman Travis Becker’s last meeting, he recapped the projects accomplished in the previous year and wished the elected officials and all employees the best for the future. The meeting was followed by a reception in his honor.

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