RN justice determines the dates for the temporary leave of prisoners

The First Regional Court of Criminal Execution of the Natal District published Decree no. 02/2022 which grants temporary release to all convicts serving prison terms in a semi-open regime in the Natal district, provided they are monitored electronically. The limit of beneficiaries will be determined by the number of electronic monitoring devices available.

In the ordinance, judge Henrique Baltazar fixed the period of duration that the temporary removal will have, which is from December 24 to 31, where the beneficiary is subject to certain conditions such as not committing any action that constitutes a crime or criminal misdemeanor and not visiting places where illegal behavior is practiced. , such as places where drugs are used or sold or where illegal gambling or prostitution takes place.

Other conditions are: do not drink alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or substances with a similar effect and go to your place of residence or place registered in the Electronic Monitoring Center (CEME) up to 24 hours a day. The beneficiary must also be included in the electronic monitoring program, with the rules provided in ordinance no. 01/2022🇧🇷

The order also provides that, on the night between December 24 and 25, the collection time is extended to 02 hours and that no prisoner will need specific authorization from the court to travel to another city during the period of temporary removal, but must to inform CEME of the address of its meeting at night.

The Magistrate notes that disobedience to any of the conditions imposed by the First Regional Criminal Court of the Natal District will be construed as a waiver of the benefit and may also constitute a disciplinary offence, which will result in the immediate withdrawal of beneficiary in prison.

Finally, the First Regional Court of Criminal Enforcement of the Natal District ordered the SEAP Monitoring Center to change the start of collection time for the catchment area during the temporary leave period, as set out in the ordinance.

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