Robert De Niro is faced with an interesting task – the actor will play two roles in a film about gangsters

One of the greatest actors of the 20th and 21st century – Robert De Niro is slowly coming to the end of his career. Nevertheless, the 79-year-old still does not lose his ambitions! The two-time Oscar winner will soon play the role of two gangsters. Interestingly, all this will take place within one film.

Robert De Niro doesn’t have the last word!

There is absolutely no disagreement about the naming Robert De Niro one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Despite his advanced age, the 79-year-old actor still appears quite regularly in both films and series. One of the last high-profile projects the New York-born artist participated in has been determined irish directed by Martin Scorsese. However, the spiritual sequel to the cult gangster films is not De Niro’s last word in the world of cinema.

In the coming months, the 79-year-old will perform e.g Killers of the Flower Moonincarnate at William Hale’s. The film was commissioned by Apple, and in addition to De Niro, he also got involved in the production Leonardo DiCaprio. It will all be directed by the aforementioned Martin Scorsese. It would seem that joining such a large company will be the culmination of a decades-long adventure for the two-time Oscar winner with the film industry. Nothing could be more wrong!

According to the latest reports The Hollywood Reporter Robert De Niro will star in one of Warner Bros.’s latest projects. Discovery. We are talking about a movie called Smart guys – a drama about American gangsters from the 1940s and 1950s. The production will be based on a script written by Nicholas Pileggi. An author of Italian origin published a book in 1985 Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Familywhich a few years later became the basis for the film’s script Gang boys.

That there wouldn’t be enough “cinema veterans” Smart guys Barry Levinson will direct. The 80-year-old became famous in his rich artistic career, among other things for his work with such high-profile productions as Rainman, Sleep, Good Morning, Vietnam whose Diner. Nevertheless, in the case of the film just mentioned, the most interesting thing seems to be the technical approach to shooting some scenes …

One movie, two faces – who else but Robert De Niro?

Robert De Niro doesn't have the last word!

Reason Smart guys will focus on two real gangsters who flourished in their activities in the 1950s. One of them Vito Genovesewhile the other Frank Costello. The families headed by both lords competed a lot with each other, one in 1957 the first of these criminals tried to kill the other. In the end, the attempt on Costello’s life came to nothing, and Genovese decided on a “gangster retirement”.

In context Smart guys the approach to the subject of the film’s casting proves to be crucial. According to the latest reports Robert De Niro will play both mobsters mentioned above! Unfortunately, we currently have no details on how the film crew will go about helping the 79-year-old create two different creations.

Currently working on Smart guys is on very early stage, so the rest of the cast is in doubt. Of course, we can identify the release date of the gangster production in the same way. Any further information on this type of issue will likely be revealed by Warner Bros. Discovery in the coming months.

Apart from the three that make the film’s strength, De Niro, Levinson and Pileggi, the people important to Smart guys must also be thrown in Irwin Winkler. The 91-year-old has just become one of the producers of the drama. A seasoned American has previously been involved in films such as Angry Taurus, Outlaw boys, Never again or series Rocky. In connection with the latter franchise, Winkler is regularly hacked on social media by Sylvester Stallone.

We explained the conflict between the two profit figures for Hollywood in two separate texts. Shortly said – Winkler currently owns the rights to Rocky while the character creator of the iconic boxer, Stallone, feels cheated by the 91-year-old producer. Therefore, from time to time the actor sticks “high heels” into both Winkler and his family, who also work in the film industry. However, let’s hope that Stallone and his steel fists will not bomb the producer’s latest project, ie. Smart guysbecause it will be really good!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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