Rock FM announcer El Pirata suffers a heart attack live

El Pirata, voice of RockFMwas admitted after a heart attack in full direct. If you are one of the thousands of followers who are waking up and getting ready rock and roll from the bottom I go to the workshop or my remote work it is possible that these days there is less than the voice of Juan Pablo Ordunez, the radio station spokesman who was injured el pasado martes cardiac arrest while broadcasting his program live El Pirata and his band. As their own broadcaster’s website explains, “the quick response of all the compañeros and the work of Madrid’s emergency teams made it possible for this incident to have a happy ending“. By the way, the director of the aforementioned radio space “if it is stable and there is danger and he is working on his recovery to return” to be in front of the microphone and draw in addition to the most important topics, while telling his funny anecdotes with the humor that characterizes him so much.


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“During the recovery process and in a progressive manner will continue to interfere with the program“, he further explained in the communique published by la cadena, where he also revealed that next moon October 17 from las ocho y media de la mañana el equipo de El Pirata and his band will inform listeners in detail about what happened and give a last-minute update on the main character’s healthwho is recovering in the hospital.

Born in 1956 in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), El Pirata knew he wanted to devote himself in some way to the world of rock and roll from a very young, musical style that has always been fundamental to him. “I found it rock and roll and the shock was important. What happens is that my priests, who had a modest culture, had intuition, valued talent, although they did not understand the codes. One day, for three million years, we were in my mother and before the calf and put up some images of Jimi Hendrix in Monterey. And you say to me: “Ese hombre es un genio, is it true? Count me in“, the announcer said in an interview with The world last summer.


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Since the beginning of his career in 1971, El Pirata has performed countless songs on the spot, as well as interviewed numerous artists from the international scene of AC/DC, Ringo Star, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Lemmy (Motörhead), Slash or Bon Jovi. additional, the jury of the Waves 2021 awards gave a special mention to his program and highlighted his work as a director: “Juan Pablo Ordunez, The pirateis an undisputed reference in music radio from the past decades and together with his team wakes up the audience in an original way every morning with a proposal that mixes rock, fun and humor”, dijeron.

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