Romance on Netflix will immerse you in the charm and nostalgia of first love

Living a romance in France or Italy is the fantasy of ten out of ten people in every other country in the world. Especially from those who saw “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “Stolen Beauty”. Now imagine experiencing two novels while you are still beautiful, young and inexperienced. It’s like exploring a new planet, it’s so exciting. “Amor e Gelato” plays with this fantasy when it tells the story of Lina (Susanna Skaggs), a teenager who is going to spend some time in Rome, at the home of an old friend of her mother, who died recently.

Lina is a diligent and well-mannered girl who has never experienced great emotions in her life. When her mother dies, she leaves a last wish: that her daughter go to Rome, during the summer, to the house of a friend of hers, Francesca (Valentina Lodovini), have fun, get to know the city and the cultural and historical . scene and finally, be introduced to your biological father. Francesca gives the teenager an old diary of her mother’s, in which she tells the story of how she fell in love with Rome and how Lina was born out of this romance.

Unwilling to live everything her mother wanted for her in Tuscany, Francesca really wants to return to her home in the United States. However, she meets some people who will make her days a unique experience. First she meets the friendly Professor Howard Riley, an Irishman who teaches high school students and who met her mother the summer she was in Italy.

But Lina is really interested in the trip when she meets the charming Alessandro (Saul Nanni), a rich, seductive and rebellious boy. A sort of Latin James Dean asking her out. But she also catches the attention of Lorenzo (Tobia De Angelis), a boy from a humble, industrious family who dreams of becoming a chef. As Alessandro is more mysterious and attractive, Lina quickly falls into his clutches. But little by little he becomes a volatile, indecisive and lost person. Meanwhile, Lorenzo’s personality stands out for his character and charisma. But there’s a problem: he has a longtime girlfriend, Martina (Veronica Urban), who has no intention of letting him go.

In the midst of teenage romances, Lina follows her mother’s diary, which gradually reveals her past and tells her own love stories. As she discovers a side of her mother she never imagined, Lina also experiences a new version of herself, ready to take risks, put her heart into the game and discover all the charms that Tuscany has to offer, including a secret bakery that sells the best marittozi from Italy, a typical sweet, consisting of a bun filled with whipped cream.

Among the cobbled streets, the historic buildings, the bucolic and sunny scenarios that inspired artists such as Michelangelo, Botticelli and Donatello, we fall into the charm and freshness of young romance and the adventures and pranks Lina gets into while spending her vacation in Italy. “Amor e Gelato” is like a memory not lived but dreamed. A film full of tenderness, youth and discovery.

Movie: Love and Gelato
Direction: Brandon Camp
Year: 2022
Sex: Romance
Note: 6/10

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