Russia completes the evacuation of civilians from the Kherson region

In the face of Ukrainian advances, since October 13, Russian authorities have begun evacuating the city’s residents to the less exposed side of the Dnieper River.

Civilians evacuated from the city of Kherson, which Moscow says it has annexed, gather at the railway station in the Crimean town of Dzhankoi.

THE Russia The evacuation of civilians from the Ukrainian region ended this Friday, the 28th Kherson – the region that Vladimir Putin attached at the end of September. The operation was carried out before the advance of the troops Kiev, an operation considered by Ukraine as a “deportation” of the population. “The work of organizing the evacuation of residents (…) to safe regions in Russia has been completed,” said Sergei Aksionov, leader of Crimea, a peninsula neighboring Kherson, annexed by Moscow in 2014. “I am glad that those who wanted to left quickly, and the security in the territory bombed by the Ukrainians managed to do this,” said Askinov on Telegram, as he posted a photo with the deputy director of the Russian presidential administration, Seguii Kiriyenko. On Wednesday, an official in charge of the Russian occupation of Kherson, Vladimir Saldo, reported that at least 70,000 residents had managed to flee their homes in the area in less than a week. Since October 13, the Russian occupation authorities in Kherson have encouraged the transfer of the population to the less exposed side of the Dnieper River amid the Ukrainian advance. And this Friday they announced that the transfer has been completed. The Ukrainian military command reported this Friday, in its daily report for the past 24 hours, that “the so-called ‘evacuation’ of the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson continues.” The Ukrainian army is preparing for a fierce battle to try to recaptured Kherson and the surrounding areas of this city, which before the war had about 300,000 inhabitants.

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