Russia is going to war

Wars are unacceptable in the 21st century. And Putin is a tsar who should be overthrown for the sake of humanity.

The Russia-Ukraine war has been going on for over a year, even so I decided to call this article “Russia Goes to War” to refer to the Brazilian movie “Johnny Goes to War”.

The 21st century Russian Czar Vladimir Putin, dissatisfied with his many years of terrorist and depraved actions in Ukraine, decided to attack the country, creating hell under this suffering people who have already gone through many massacres in the past 100 years… Ruthless. the actions – strikes, sabotage, boycotts, assassinations – carried out by Putin since Ukraine began to move closer to the West over the past twenty years are constant. The West was not exactly aware of these actions, but as the war progressed, they did

Unlike the vast majority of countries in the world, Slavic countries, Russia and Ukraine have adopted the principle of Jus Sanguinis (right of blood), that is, your nationality has nothing to do with the place of birth, but with your father and your father’s blood. mother In most of the West, citizenship is through jus soli (right to land). If you were born in Brazil, regardless of where your parents were born, you are Brazilian. Thus, Russia will have about 20% of Russians living in Ukraine. In addition, it is in Kiev that the history of Russia, so-called Kievan Rus, begins in the 8th century.

These are the main reasons given by Putin for attacking Ukraine. Not satisfied with the fact that Russia is the largest country in the world with an area equivalent to two Brazils, Putin wants to return to the Soviet Union, that is, he wants another Brazil in area. And even more, he does not want Ukraine to get closer to the European Union, join NATO and other organizations related to the West, because it is getting closer to the USA, its eternal enemy. Since Russia, although huge, was almost never landlocked (how ironic) and not even a mountain range to protect her from direct attacks, just remember Napoleon and Hitler, although defeated, she would have been an easy target for her enemies. Therefore, Ukraine is the bulwark of its defense. So much so that Crimea, which has been a constant focus of tension for the past several centuries, is now under Russian control. Ukraine does not want this fate.

I say that even with this almost syphopagus connection between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine has the right to decide its own destiny. To get rid of the Russian yoke. And that is what the vast majority of Ukrainians want to do: to be free, like a young man who has grown up and wants to follow his destiny. Huge Russia, almost 30 times the size of Ukraine, wants it to be a state, actually more like Chechnya and dozens of other states. And Ukraine does not accept this.

It is interesting that Russia cannot get rid of autocracy as a form of government. He who went through one of the greatest revolutions in human history, the Bolshevik Revolution, in 1917, overthrew the government of the Czars, brutal autocrats who ruled without a constitution or parliament, eventually falling under Communist rule under Stalin; the most brutal in the history of murderous dictators. I would say the most cruel, even worse than Hitler. Stalin dies in 1953 and Nikita Khrushchev’s government lasts for over twenty years. With the collapse of communism and the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, it was assumed that Russia, along with other republics, would adopt democracy as a form of government. I am not saying in Western terms, but at least something similar, respecting the characteristics and wishes of the Slavic people. Almost all former republics became democratic countries.

Russia once again fell into the hands of an autocrat who ruled it since 2000, that is, for 23 years. Because of that, they rigged him with elections, ordered to kill his opponents and all those who would dare to confront him, be they journalists, oligarchs, etc. Russia is not doing well in the war and it may be defeated. And defeat could be the end of Putin’s era. That’s what we hope.


Wars are unacceptable in the 21st century. And Putin is a tsar who should be overthrown for the sake of humanity.

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