Russia is testing a new tool to start a nuclear pogrom. This is SSBN Generalissimo Suvorov

The fleet of Russian SSBNs, i.e. nuclear submarines and ballistic missiles, is growing (see a photo of one of them above – Prince Oleg). At the end of 2021, “Knyaz Oleg” entered service, and today, eight years after the start of production, the sixth submarine – “Generalissimus Suvorov” – has already been tested in wide waters.

The SSBN Generalissimus Suvorov is Russia’s new nuclear pogrom-initiating tool

In case of SSBN Generalissimo Suvorov this is a family of ships of the project 955, i.e. type Borej, which were designed in the 1990s and whose production began in 1996 in version 955 and in 2012 in improved version 955A. They are not particularly large, but the threat associated with them is still great due to the fact that they carry missiles with nuclear warheads.

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Recently (according to TASS, the Russian news agency), this particular Project 955A vessel left Sevmash for the White Sea for the first time to undergo factory trials. Thus begins his great journey of service in the Navy, which is planned for this year. However, this depends on how the ship performs in practice, as these ongoing trials will assess its seaworthiness, operational characteristics and overall compliance with design characteristics.

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After them, there is a much more important stage, at which the entrance tests will begin with a practical check of all the equipment. It is primarily about sixteen ballistic missiles with 6-10 nuclear warheads. These are the so-called Bulava missiles, the capabilities of which clearly tell us that even a hit error of a few kilometers will not be a problem for them.

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These missiles are capable of causing the destruction of at least six of their MIRV warheads, each of which can have a firepower of up to 150 kilotons. This means that just one warhead is 10 times more powerful than the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, and all six… well, if those missiles start flying, the world will say goodbye to relative peace.

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