Russian and American diplomats meet at the Beijing Forum

The war in Ukraine is “the biggest threat to the world order,” US Ambassador Nicholas Burns said at a forum in Beijing on Monday. a rare instance of Burns sitting next to his Russian counterpart for a diplomatic debate.

“The fact that Russia crossed the border with armed forces, without provocation, and started this war with so much human suffering, with so many innocent civilians killed in Ukraine, this is a direct violation of the UN Charter, it is a direct violation. the one signed by the Russian Federation when it became a member state,” Burns said during a discussion organized by the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing and the World Peace Forum.

Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov answered. “I absolutely disagree and can object to every sentence of this intervention,” he said.

Denisov then offered a “diplomatic courtesy” of wishing Burns and other Americans a Happy Fourth of July, before accusing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) of instigating Russia’s actions in “five waves of expansion.”

Denisov described the current world order as being on the verge of “subversion” by the United Nations.

A rare display of diplomatic debate. The event, which also included Britain’s ambassador to China, Carolyn Wilson, and France’s ambassador to China, Laurent Bille, was a rare diplomatic debate since the Russian invasion, which western democracies strongly condemned.

“Russia is primarily responsible for the war,” Wilson said. “NATO is a purely defensive alliance that has acted with extraordinary restraint vis-à-vis Russia.”

It was also noteworthy that similar condemnations of the Ukrainian war are being heard in China. The Chinese Communist Party did not condemn the war or even call it an invasion. Meanwhile, China’s state media presented its citizens with a carefully censored version of the war and repeated the Kremlin’s NATO rhetoric.

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