Ryan Brierley angry at those who say Salford are an out-of-sorts team

RYAN Brierley has a simple message for all Salford critics – don’t tell us we’re an off the cuff team.

The Red Devils full-back admits he is offended when he hears the description of the way Paul Rowley’s side are playing.


Ryan Brierley says he finds it insulting when people say Salford are playing awayCredit: SWPIX.COM

Not afraid to give their arm a shot, the Salfords aren’t afraid to try things, whether they work or not.

But Brierley insists it’s not just about making it up as they go along, as evidenced in Sunday’s 32-6 win over top-four rivals Catalans Dragons.

He said: “I don’t like being called off the shackles. I find it insulting because we train really hard on things like our physique.

“It’s all about 13 guys knowing their role.

“I would call it procedural, shape-driven rugby with a passing team. Paul’s teams often come up with off-the-rails phrases, people saying they ‘just throw it anywhere’.

“But that probably offends me more than Paul. It bothers me because I’m a big part of that transition coming out of our own end.

“So when an off-the-cuff phrase is thrown at us, I’m like, ‘That’s questioning me and my leadership skills from behind.’

“A lot has been mentioned about Paul’s rugby, but all the defensive stuff was Paul’s brand of rugby as well.

Salford were angered by Sky pundit Jon Wilkin, who described them as ‘shoddy’ and said: “I just don’t see Salford having any backbone. I just don’t think they have the minerals to do it.”

And hooker Andy Ackers said: “It hurts our feelings because we’re a team that’s like a band of brothers, we’re together.

“We’re always competing with each other and pushing each other.”

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