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‘SA is heading in the direction of me becoming president’

This will undoubtedly raise blood pressure in some members of South African society. Julius Malema once again backed himself to become Mzansi’s president, saying it would be a “clear” outcome in the coming years.

Will Julius Malema become president? Of course he thought so…

The EFF leader has been bullish on his prospects before, and the Red Berets prepare to celebrate their ninth birthday later this month. Juju believes SA is now heading down an avenue which ends in him becoming our elected Head of State.

Julius Malema appears on MacG’s Podcasts and Chills On Monday, he answered a series of questions. Among other things, the political agitator claims his first interactions with white people only occurred when he entered parliament.

Podcasts and Chills: Julius Malema meets MacG

The 41-year-old also made fun of the Dudula Action movement, believing they were motivated by self-hatred. When asked what he thought of their leader, Nhlanhla Lux, Malema asked briefly. ‘Who is he? ‘

  • Alas, Juju was more candid when the conversation turned to his presidential ambitions:

“Will I be president? Yes, that’s where we’re going. Why are you asking the obvious questions? Ultimately, I want to be remembered as someone who helped people, someone who took those who were called ‘nothing’ People become people of something.”

Julius Malema

Will the EFF get a new leader someday?

Depending on your political affiliation, the idea of ​​Julius Malema as president fills you with dreaded hope. However, the controversial figure did consider his own death as head of the EFF – accepting that he had to consider stepping down.

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