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Saarbrücken. The mother fell and two children from the balcony, one child died

A mother fell from a balcony, killing two children and herself, three years old

Police officers are standing in front of the entrance to the house. In Saarbrücken, a mother fell from the parapet with her two small children. The incident took place in the back of the house, which is not visible from the street.

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Terrible act in Saarbrücken. the mother fell from the balcony with her two children. One girl dies, the other girl is mostly unharmed. The 38-year-old injured mother is now being investigated for murder.

Police in Saarbrücken are investigating a mother who they say threw her two children off a balcony. The three-year-old girl died from her injuries, a representative of the Saarland state police said on Friday. The one-year-old girl is mostly unharmed in the clinic.

The crime happened on Thursday evening. According to previous studies, the 38-year-old woman threw her two children from the balcony from a height of about five meters.

Mother’s murder investigation: signs of mental illness

Then he himself fell. He was badly injured and unresponsive. The three-year-old girl died of her injuries on Friday night. Police are now investigating the mother for murder and attempted murder. According to the police, the children were too young to be able to overcome the railing on their own.

The background was initially unclear. Police saw evidence that the woman may have suffered from mental illness. The mother was visiting her parents in Saarbrücken with her daughters and her partner’s father. “The family lives in the Main-Taunus district of Hesse,” said the spokesman. He did not give information about the exact location.


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