Sad news for pensioners. find out what the INSS has announced

At present, INSS (National Institute of Social Security) performs surgery fine comb. According to the institute, the procedure aims to identify which policyholders may or may not continue to receive Social Security benefits.

In particular, those beneficiaries who are undergoing professional rehabilitation process are checked. However, not all professionals of this profile will be reevaluated. According to the NSS, the following cases can be initiated:

  • Disability benefits are maintained without examination INSS: for a period of more than six months and which do not have a period of cessation or an indication of professional rehabilitation;
  • benefits of a social security, assistance, employment or tax nature;
  • Privileges of continuous provision without review for a period exceeding 2 (two) years.

Thus, whoever will be called to undergo a check-up must schedule a medical examination. Otherwise, the insured’s benefit may be canceled INSS fine-toothed comb

In total, about 150,000 policyholders are in the process of professional rehabilitation. According to official data, there are 45 thousand people in total Date of Disability Certificate (DCI) is out of date and will call for a reassessment of the benefit.

However, it should be emphasized that no benefits are immediately canceled because before any reduction, the municipality sends a notice to the insured person informing them that the benefit will be reviewed.

These notifications usually come through emails, SMS or My INSS channels. That is why it is extremely important to keep all information such as address, email, etc. properly updated. mail and telephone.

I was called, what should I do?

According to the decision No. 2965, the operation should last until April of this year. Therefore, until then, those who are called and still cannot return to work, must undergo a medical examination to prove the necessary requirements for maintaining the benefit.

Failure to appear for the examination will result in a reduction in payment to the insured person, followed by full cancellation of the benefit if the situation persists. It should be noted that for the examination it will be necessary to submit medical documents confirming the inability to work: references, reports, examinations, etc.

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