Sales of the Philipp Neri advent calendar have started

Philip Neri
advent calendar

Hiltrud Genter-Hautkappe (r.) from the advent calendar team and her partner are happy about the many responses on the first day of sales. © Valerie Misz

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For 17 years, the calendar team has successfully presented the Philipp Neri advent calendar in collaboration with sponsors and with the support of the Kirchhellen business and retail team. All proceeds go to charity and there are lots of different vouchers to be won too.

The highlight of this year’s calendar prizes are Cinema Park tickets, says Hiltrud Genter-Hautkappe of the calendar team. Unlike last year, Schloss Beck also participates in the current profit. No special program is planned yet, but it’s clear that the proceeds will ultimately benefit children and youth, as always. Last year, for example, a total of 14 projects were supported in schools in Kirchhellen and outside the local boundaries in schools in Bothrop.

Here is the calendar

The calendars will be sold at the weekly market at Johann-Breuker-Platz and in participating stores for a regular price of €5 until November 30. A total of 264 vouchers are hidden in 1750 calendars. Since circulation was smaller last year due to Corona and ultimately not enough, the team has now increased circulation again.

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