Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 prices leaked only for the rich…

This was the last unknown before Galaxy Unpacked in August. Now we know the probable prices of all the devices.

First, we found out the prices of the smaller Flip 4. I wrote about them in this text. In short, Samsung has taught us that it always lowers the prices a bit with the next models, but this time it will be a bit more expensive. For the 128 GB version, you have to pay 1080 euros. The 256 GB version costs 1,160 euros, and the 512 GB version costs 1,280 euros. Simply put, it is 5150, 5530 and 6102 PLN respectively.

Below the magic level of 2000 euros

What will it look like with the Z Folda 4? Overall, this device is expensive and it will be this time. However, the increase over the Z Fold 3 is not drastic. The 256 GB memory version will cost 1,864, and the 512 GB version will cost 1,982 euros. Compared to last year’s model, this is 64 and 82 euros more.

It looks like leaks about the lack of a 1TB storage variant will also be confirmed. Apparently, Samsung did not want to break the magic limit of 2000. Euro for smartphone.

Check out the 5 Pro with a giant battery

In fact, everything is also known about smart watches. There will be two versions: 5 and 5 Pro. The latter will receive a battery with a record capacity of 572 mAh. And this is supposed to allow you to work for 3 days without recharging. In the world of Wear OS, only Mobvoi’s TicWatch achieves this thanks to the use of two screens. Above the main AMOLED screen is the second, FSTN with LED backlighting. Thanks to this, we have a preview of the main information without the need to wake up the device every time. There will be a rotating bezel, thanks to which you can comfortably navigate the functions and settings of the watch. However, the price of this watch will not be low: it will be 490 EUR (2350 PLN) without LTE and 540 EUR (2600 PLN) with LTE and eSIM. The Watch 5 is believed to be much cheaper at €260-280.

And the Buds 3 Pro is cheaper than its predecessor

For obvious reasons, headphones remain in the shadows of Flips, Folds and watches. Two years ago, Samsung went crazy with the introduction of Galaxy Buds Live, an unusual “bean” shape. For me, these are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever used. Last year the craze died down, the company introduced the Galaxy Buds 2 with a more classic design.

This year, they will be replaced by the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, which will cost 226 euros, but the starting price should be reduced to 214 euros, or about a thousand zlotys. And although that’s not enough, it’s still very good news, because last year’s Buds 2 cost 230 euros. There will be three colors: white, gray and purple.

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