Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has received an update. And you shouldn’t

Surprises have this in common, that well thought out ones can be presented to us with a smile on our face. Owners of the latest “real” Samsung Galaxy Note can count on such an effect.

The Galaxy Note ended in 2018

It was then, on August 24, that it debuted on the market Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Although in terms of specifications, the “nine” can be considered a slight improvement compared to its predecessor, some fans of the big flagships of the Korean manufacturer consider the 2018 model to be “the last real Note”.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (photo: Katarzyna Pura /

Why? Well Samsung in the box Galaxy Note 10 decided to make some changes that may have seemed very controversial at the time. This is about the lack of a 3.5 mm audio jack and the removal of the microSD card slot. Can you believe that this “revolution” only started four years ago? Today, the absence of these two elements should no longer shock anyone.

Six months ago, around my fourth birthday Galaxy Note 9, the day came when the manufacturer stopped rolling out additional updates and security patches to the device as previously announced. However, no one expected that Samsung would release a new update for the smartphone so soon.

Four year old Samsung with corrections

Of course, it may be that there is no other choice. After all, the Koreans can issue corrections for the stability of the GPS module for a seven-year-old smartphone, but in this case it is not about improving the operation of a function or removing a critical gap. It is about common security fixes from February 2023 The update appeared a few weeks ago, but for now only users can download it Galaxy Note 9 residing in Great Britain and Ireland.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (photo: Katarzyna Pura /

Will the N960FXXSAFWB3 firmware ever officially leave the UK? unknown. Owners Galaxy Note 9 in other regions, they can always try to find the hotfix package and upload it manually. The safest bet is of course to wait for the possibility of an OTA update.

I wonder if after extending the promised support to five years from the release of the device, owners of Galaxy S23 series smartphones will get a similar surprise a few months after the supposed end of support for these models.

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