Samsung significantly reduces production of the Galaxy A23 5G!

If your future spending forecast shows a purchase Samsung Galaxy A23 5G, you have to be careful. Its stock may run out earlier than the manufacturer originally estimated.

Thirty percent of the norm

It should come as no surprise to anyone that mid-range smartphones are responsible for a very large volume of production for any manufacturer of such devices. Samsung Galaxy A23 4G and its 5G-equipped variant were set to account for nearly 10% of the company’s 2022 global smartphone output by the end of December. However, this did not happen.

According to TheElec, Samsung produced far fewer copies of the model Galaxy A23 5G than originally planned. Instead of 12.6 million phones shipped worldwide, the company has to settle for just under 4 million smartphones today. This is a drop of almost 70% from the original forecast. How did this happen?

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G (Source: Samsung)

It’s the fault of … ficzer

At one of the production stages Samsung Galaxy A23 5G It turned out that one of the functions caused serious problems with the operation of the smartphone. The manufacturer investigated for a month, talking to various component supply partners, trying to find the cause of the failure. The problem was eventually fixed, but it affected the projected number of smartphones produced. The Koreans hope that by the end of the year the number of the complex Galaxy A23 5G will reach 5 million units.

Interestingly, the biggest change that the Korean manufacturer experienced during the development of the model Galaxy A23 5G regarding the 4G variant was the change of camera optics supplier. In the older device, the lenses were supplied by the Korean Partron, in the case of the 5G version, it fell to China’s Sunny Optical.

Although the failure Samsung encountered was not the fault of the Chinese, one of the consequences of the unspecified problem was poor camera performance. However, the Koreans scolded their partners, that the company could have reacted more quickly during the investigation.

What does this mean for the average user? Samsung is unlikely to suddenly raise prices for this reason Galaxy A23 5G. However, it is possible during the premiere of the successor, the model Galaxy A24stocks of the predecessor will deplete much faster than usual.

However, as long as you’re not a fan of one manufacturer and allow buying a non-Korean smartphone, I wouldn’t worry that there won’t be much to choose from on the market.

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