San Andreas in Polish reality!

GTA: San Andreas is a cult game that won the hearts of fans and earned a community of over a million. No wonder the moderators have come up with a number of different mods that improve various features or introduce more or less strange things. One of the most interesting mods is the MegaPolandPack, which will turn San Andreas into a Vistula country!

Mega Poland Pack for GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas is a production that will celebrate its 19th birthday this year (October 26 to be exact). Over the years, the Rockstar North product has won millions of fans, many awards from the gaming industry and is hailed as an iconic game played by generations. To this day, relatively many people start with this title, and there is nothing strange about it – after all, the sentiment strongly influences our imagination.

Moderators regularly create new game tweaks to improve the game experience or just add fun features. One of the modders who runs the StudioGameCam channel prepared the MegaPolandPack, which turns San Andreas into Poland and introduces many interesting solutions. This is a great reason to fire up this title again! What exactly has MegaPolandPack changed?

source: StudioGameCam

Biedronka and Reserved in GTA: San Andreas?

From now on, instead of looking at San Andreas, you can walk around a provincial town in Poland instead of looking at San Andreas. You will come across Biedronka, Reserved, McDonald’s, and you will also drive cars familiar from our roads. Who wouldn’t want to go on a virtual heist with Multipla? As if that wasn’t enough, GTA bars serve well-known drinks.

Have you ever driven a combine across the track while listening to RMF MAX? Well, if not, you can meet such an atmosphere in MegaPolandPack. The mod creator gave us a nicely redesigned city. The equivalent of the Polish police roams the streets, you can also meet MAN fire engines or ambulances.

I have never seen such a faithful representation of a Polish city before. Here, most of the details are polished and you can see that the creator has put a lot of heart into it. As he emphasizes, the mod is made in such a way that you can play the game from the beginning to the end of it, which is why, among other things, one model of the fire engine, which is needed for the last mission, has not been changed!

Here you will find the option to download this mod, as well as instructions on how to install and run it for the first time. If you test it, be sure to let us know how you had fun!

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