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Santa Catarina has different competitions

Citizens who wish to apply for the competition in Santa Catarina can follow. Various government departments are already in the preparatory stage for publishing the public notice.

In addition, it is also possible to count pending decrees.

This is, for example, the case of the Ministry of Accounts of the State of Santa Catarina (MPC SC). So there are two public notices with a total of 87 vacancies for various posts and with Cebraspe as a bank.

Learn more about the contest below.

MPC Santa Catarina offers 87 vacancies

With the ongoing public notice, the Santa Catarina MPC will offer 87 vacancies, counting immediate and reserve registration. In this regard, there are vacancies for the following positions with the requirement of higher education.

  • MPC SC Account Advocate with 11 Vacancies.
  • Public Accounts Analyst, lawyer by profession, with 38 vacancies.
  • Public Accounts Analyst in Administration, Accounting, Economics or Engineering with 8 vacancies.

In addition, the agency also has vacancies for the following mid-level positions:

  • Administrative technician with 15 vacancies.
  • Public Accounts Technician with 15 vacancies.

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Thus, the starting salary of these professionals varies depending on their position.

How will the selection process be?

First of all, it is worth remembering that the registration period is valid until July 29 through the Cebraspe website, that is, the selection panel.

Therefore, the candidate has to login to the servers or lawyer vacancies page and proceed with the application.

Finally, you need to pay the fee to complete your registration, check the values.

  • Top tier servers: R$163.00;
  • Mid-level servers: R$105.00;
  • Lawyer: BRL 375.00.

Candidates will then go through the following stages in the competition for the Santa Catarina MPC:

  • Objective test of elimination and qualification nature.
  • A discursive test of elimination and qualification nature.
  • A study of physical and mental health, the nature of elimination.
  • Evaluation of titles, class nature.
  • Oral examination for the nature of elimination and qualification, for the post of accountant.

Thus, for now, it is predicted that the objective tests will take place on September 11. Then the feedback will be published on September 13, 2022.

It is therefore important to remember that the tender will be valid for a period of two years after its approval and may be extended for an equal period. In this regard, registration vacancies can be filled during this period.

Cefaz de Santa Catarina will be able to count on the competition

Further, another competition in the state that is being studied is the Santa Catarina State Department of Finance (Cefaz SC) competition.

Thus, it is expected that the election will offer vacancies for the post of tax auditor.

This information was interpreted by the newest tax auditors of the agency. In this regard, on June 21, Secretary Paulo Eli mentioned that there is a need for a new public notice for the next year.

“Because we were understaffed, we could not complete the service. Having mastered it, we will practically summarize the picture,” he commented.

Therefore, the new competition is important to not overload the Cefaz servers and thus improve the public service.

CGE will also have a competition soon

Another body planning a new event is the Santa Catarina General Comptroller.

In this way, the CGE has already commented on the possibility of applying the tests in the second semester of 2022, with appointments in 2023.

In this regard, it was recently announced on this topic. “The goal is to pass the tests in 2022, after the elections,” the agency explained.

The vacancies should be for the post of auditor with higher education in the following fields:

  • Management;
  • Accounting sciences;
  • Correct;
  • economy;
  • Civil Engineering;
  • Computer Science and other related courses.

So Governor has approved 95 vacancies for CGE Auditors.

Thus, with the formation of its organizing committee, the chief controller of Santa Catarina is already starting the preparations for the election. This group therefore has three servers and aims to “launch the public tender for admission to the position of Auditor of the State of Santa Catarina”.

So, the next step should be to hire an examining board, after which public notice will be issued.

SAP in Santa Catarina is hiring a bank

Recently, the State Secretariat for Prisons and Socio-Educational Management (SAP) hired the Instituto de Estudos Superiores do Extremo Sul (Ieses) as the examination board for its competition.

The contract was signed on June 29. Therefore, the expectation is that the announcement will be published soon.

Thus, the selection must offer 43 vacancies to form the reserve record of the support area. That is, functions that may require either an intermediate, technical or higher level.

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Considering the latest competition of the body, the vacancies were;

  • Administrative technician
  • Information technology analyst
  • Healthcare servers

So, it is possible that this will happen again in this 2022 competition, but this information can only be confirmed by the publication of the notification.

Santa Catarina TRT already has a committee

The regional labor court with jurisdiction over Santa Catarina already has its own selection committee since May. That is, with servers that will organize the selection stages, in addition to monitoring the work of the examining board.

However, this group has undergone changes recently. Thus, in addition to changing the composition of the commission, the published document also states that the preparations for the event are already underway.

These servers should then hire an exam board to publish a public notice. This, in turn, should apply to the competitive exams, evaluating the candidates.

The expectation is that the competition will offer vacancies in the field of information technology (IT). So the citizens of this area can now enhance their preparation to clear the competition.

The Santa Catarina TRT already has the authority of the CSJT (Supreme Council of Labor Justice) as well as other regional courts.

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In this regard, a public tender will be held in 2022 or early 2023 in various labor courts across the country.

See what success is on the Internet.

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