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Xiaomi is known for its budget phones in the Indian market, but the company has made inroads into all sorts of categories, including lifestyle products. Yes, as you may know from our YouTube videos, we recently traveled to China and in the Mi Store we found the very cool Mi Travel Backpack ($49.99). Xiaomi is already selling a trio of its backpacks in India, but the Mi Travel Backpack has yet to debut here. I have been using this backpack for the past week and here are my experiences with the Mi Travel backpack:

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Before we talk about my experiences and opinions, let’s take a quick look at the main features of the Mi Travel backpack:

dimensions 12.8 x 7.09 x 17.32 inches
Weight 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg)
capacity 26 liters
material 650D oxford fabric (outside), polyester lining (inside)
Waterproof Yea
bags 11
color black coal
Price 199 yuan

Design and build quality

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the Mi Travel backpack has a premium build and doesn’t compromise on quality. While this travel backpack is much cheaper than its competitors (thanks to Xiaomi’s honest pricing), you’ll find that the The Mi Travel backpack is as good as any other backpackyou across the country bring with you want.

If you take a look at this backpack, you’ll see that It is similar to charcoal and features a curvy design whose front gives it an hourglass-style aesthetic. . There is a small zipper on the front (which is also extremely high quality and strong). Curves lead to the two side pockets as you move to the bottom of this backpack.

There are 2 main zippered compartments in this bag that are accessible from the top, but we’ll detail them in the storage section below. The backpack is constructed from a variety of materials, with the front being much shinier compared to the chunky, denim-like feel of the rest of the backpack. The exterior is water-repellent while the interior is lined with polyester. .

The back of the backpack as well as the shoulder straps are well padded, making carrying the Mi Travel backpack a joy for anyone who owns it. I loved taking the bag on the subway every day and bringing it to the office. There is also a large horizontal strap on the back of the backpack that can be used to attach it to a wheeled suitcase with a handle.

There are a number of smart features in this backpack that show that Xiaomi has taken user comfort into account when designing it. So I would like to summarize this backpack.

While the Xiaomi Mi Travel Backpack can stand upright if you balance it on the bottom, Xiaomi may have added support feet to make the process even easier. This is the same feedback we gave for the Messenger camera case, as it might be a small thing, but it’s important to the overall experience.

I really like this design choice from Xiaomi as it adds some character to the backpack, but I also have a little problem. Curvature adds a lot of folds to the frontWhich sometimes it looks a little poor, which is easily remedied by stuffing the bag with too much fabric. However, Xiaomi could have thought of that and added a wire frame to add extra support to the front of the backpack.


Well, let me just say this because if you think you’d run out of storage space on your trip, this bag is a big NO. Of The Mi Travel backpack has a total of 11 storage compartments, so I think Xiaomi has you covered on that front. Let’s start at one point and cover all sections of this backpack.

You start from scratch with a tiny but roomy zippered pocket to store your mints, sanitizer or change. You can even store small accessories like the fidget cube or charging cable, but there’s plenty of room in this backpack for them. Let’s take a look at all the compartments inside.

When you open the main compartment, you’ll be amazed at the total number of pockets (six to be exact) that can hold all sorts of goodies. you go first see a huge space in the center that can accommodate chargers, wired headphones or camera gear . I could easily carry the Panasonic Lumix G77 and some weird lenses in this area.

You then have a zippered pocket on either side of this compartment where you can put small memorabilia or pens to keep them handy at all times. In the front They are located 2 pockets under the zipper for one or two extra phones (if you want to travel to another country) or save business cards on the trip.

And finally, you have a hidden zippered compartment at the back to keep your important files or papers that you want to keep away from others and transport safely.

The second compartment is, as you would expect, to store the notebook. You can easily fit a 15.6 inch laptop (even some large gaming laptops) into the Mi Travel Backpack with notebooks or tablets (like my iPad) in the pocket on the front of the laptop compartment. Xiaomi has made a nice addition and has scored everything for you. You will receive instructions on where to put your belongings in this backpack.

Now that we’ve covered almost everything else, let’s turn our attention to the side pockets, which are an important part of the Mi Travel Backpack’s aesthetic. Both pockets can store cables and dongles for your laptop and smartphone. The one on the left, however, has an extra inner lining for storing your lens filters or SSDs. I mainly used it to carry extra charging and data cables.

gear protection

As far as protecting the internal gear, I’m very happy with the overall padding of this backpack. Xiaomi has done an excellent job of providing users with padding in the bag where it’s needed and you don’t feel like your laptops or camera gear is at risk in any way.

This one Laptop compartment is well padded on both endsallowing the laptop to comfortably survive a bump or 2 while you carry the bag casually – either by the shoulder strap or the padded top handle.

The The materials of the Mi Travel backpack are also water-repellent, which means you don’t even need to take shelter during monsoons in India. I believe that all your belongings would fit comfortably in this travel backpack, and you can carry them around with peace of mind.

user experience

Now that you’ve learned all about the Mi Travel Backpack, let’s talk about how much I love this backpack and feel that it can meet every need, even if it doesn’t carry a lot of stuff.

Xiaomi’s travel backpack, aimed at professionals, is quite light and didn’t seem to work during the day, whether it’s a photo shoot, a product launch, or day-to-day work at theGadget-Info. office.

I usually carry the backpack on my left shoulder. However, the Mi Travel backpack has one of the most comfortable straps, so in no time it fell off my shoulder. I don’t have any big issues with this backpack, but we can’t comment on the wear and tear (aging) of the backpack, as we can only tell over time.

Xiaomi Mi Travel Backpack: it doesn’t get any better than this

For me, the Xiaomi Mi Travel Backpack is the perfect companion for most of my product launch trips. There’s a lot (I mean, a lot) to like about this lightweight and comfortable travel backpack, with almost nothing to sneeze at here. At least I didn’t find any negative quirks that would stop me from buying this backpack.

If I had never gotten my hands on the Mi travel backpack, I wouldn’t have believed you could get a sturdy backpack for such a low price . There are many popular backpack brands, such as Incase, whose Icon backpack ($129.95) has many in the tech community impressing.

The Icon backpack offers the same quality and comfort, but it costs almost 3 times more than the Mi Travel backpack. This just proves it even more – and in my opinion it’s the best backpack in its price range. You can find backpacks from unknown companies, but Xiaomi is a well-known brand that many people swear by. Here’s a rundown of what’s good and bad about this backpack:

pros :

  • premium version
  • Use of waterproof material
  • a huge space
  • Well padded on all sides

Disadvantages :

  • Curved design could have been better
  • Lack of support feet

Xiaomi Mi travel backpack review: Satisfaction at an affordable price

I cannot emphasize this enough. Xiaomi is known for selling premium phones at a cheap price. The Chinese giant now wants to carve out a niche in all other product segments. The Mi Travel Backpack is the perfect example of Xiaomi’s determination to bring you the best products at affordable prices.

Our video team at is extremely happy that the Mi Travel Backpack is the new companion on their travels to events around the world as I am getting rid of this wonderful bag that I may need to buy myself too. What are your views on the Mi Travel Backpack throughout this review? Let us know in the comments.

Buy Gearbest Mi Travel Backpack ($ 49.99BRL 2,049)

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