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Saturday. Before 1 Interview. Steven Gatjen on the first meeting with Boris Becker

Saturday: 1 before the interview
“He is ready to clean up and clarify a lot.” Stephen Gatien about his first meeting with Boris Becker.

“Sat.1 Special”. Boris Becker in an interview with Steven Gaetjen

© Nadine Rupp/SAT.1

Moderator Steven Gatjen visited Boris Becker while he was in prison in Great Britain and will now conduct his first interview with him. Gatjen previously described how he experienced the meeting with the former tennis star.

Boris Becker will answer questions in the first TV interview after his early release from British prison. The 55-year-old man answers the questions of the host Stephen Gaetjen in “Sat.1 Special”. The interview was pre-taped and will be broadcast on Tuesday at 8:15 p.m.

To prepare for the interview, Gatjen visited Becker in Hunterscombe Prison near London. The former tennis star served his sentence there for several months. He was initially held at the infamous Wandsworth Detention Center. “There are not only people who have committed financial crimes, but also sex offenders, murderers and people who have committed major robberies. Boris Becker told me that he was very afraid to appear in the recruitment cell. he was alone for four days, had no contact with the outside world and was locked in his cell around the clock, leaving for one hour a day,” Steven Gatjen said in an interview with Sat.1. Becker did not take a bath for four days, his only desire was to work and get fresh air. “He said he would do anything for it.”

Stephen Gatjen. Boris Becker wants a fresh start after prison

Gatjen says Becker didn’t enjoy the celebrity bonus in prison, but was treated like any other inmate. His time behind bars and separation from his family made him seriously think about his life. “I definitely got the impression that this experience really got him.” According to Gätjen, Becker is “ready to straighten out and clarify a lot of things.” “When we met in prison, I had the feeling that there was someone sitting in front of me who was looking for a new beginning,” says the 50-year-old man.

In April of this year, Boris Becker was sentenced by the London court to two and a half years in prison for delaying bankruptcy. After about seven months in prison, he was released early and benefited from a special arrangement in Great Britain. Foreign prisoners can be spared their sentences if they leave the country to escape overcrowded British prisons. Although Boris Becker has been living in London for many years, he is still a German citizen. He is now unpunished in Germany and is currently barred from entering the UK.

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