SBT plans to increase engagement in 2023

Gaming, sports, news and Zyn TV verticals acquire initiatives that could keep the broadcaster close to Brazilians

SBT goes where the people are, even digitally. For ten years on YouTube, the broadcaster has organically expanded its multi-platform audience, respecting the language of each network with its own content and not as a copycat of the TV schedule. “You have to figure out how to be in the palm of the kids, on people’s mobile phones,” comments digital content manager Carolina Gazal.

There are over 8.3 million followers and 1 billion views on TikTok. In 2021, the SBT YouTube channel grew 24% over 2020, adding six billion views and nearly 700 million hours watched.

Identification, frequency, structured history and relevant hashtags ensure that results have been strengthened since 2020. “Instagram is inspirational, TikTok is fun, Twitter is conversational, and on YouTube and Facebook we prioritize longer videos because that’s how interaction happens. these platforms,” explains Carolina.


Investing in games is another front of the strategy. Interaction with the gaming community gains legitimacy with Fortnite, Fifa, Mortal Kombat, Valorant, League of Legends (LOL) and Warzone championships held in 2021. 2022 is predicted to close with 12 competitions.

StageOn Arena was inaugurated in November by Banco do Brasil, Giraffas and the Brazilian Industrial Development Agency (ABDI) in partnership with Redragon and Terabyte and streamed live on Twitch. “For 2023, we want to hold one championship per month, face-to-face,” Carolina expects.

At the other end of the engagement with Generation Z is TV Zyn, SBT’s most viewed channel on YouTube, with five million subscribers and over 2.1 billion views.

Carolina Gazal, Digital Content Manager at SBT. in the palm of children (Antônio Pallatta/ SBT Disclosure)

Based on peer-to-peer and diverse content, the vertical, which is also present on Facebook (nearly 1 million followers), Instagram (1.8 million), Twitter (1 million) and TikTok (2.8 million) plans to launch the Queijo com Guava podcast in early 2023. “We’re about to start working on Romeo and Juliet in collaboration with Amazon,” Carolina reveals.

Launching in 2020, it is currently working on content for Pollyanna Mocha fans. It is one of them PolyCast:, a podcast of interviews hosted by influencers Ana Zimmerman and Nicolas Torres. “Fans like extra content. There is no more. “Excuse me, I’m going to watch my soap opera,” Carolina recalled.

already on the board Azamigas, with actresses Alana Lopez, Bel Moreira and Flavia Pavanelli, young people talk about careers, entrance exams and harassment. “We are not promoting feminism, but equality,” Karolina emphasizes.


SBT is looking to engage in 2023 with media content, podcasts and video in addition to sports and news verticals. SBT News is expected to produce live content on the Internet. Already has five million subscribers and over 2.5 billion views on YouTube. Soon this pillar will have new spaces for fintechs, agribusiness and ESG.

The Libertadores, Champions League and Copa Conmebol Sudamericana also promise to respond to unprecedented bids. “Oh future life it’s already become a post-game link on YouTube and Twitch,” exemplifies Carolina. Among the podcasts, Focus ESG, which is released this December, stands out.

SBT still has it has fallen (games), Podcasting (celebrities) and: could have been better (mental health), in addition PolyCast:🇧🇷 In 2023, digital efforts will help SBT optimize costs, gain autonomy in content production and strengthen its sustainable posture. Virtual scenarios are already considered in the new strategy.

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