Scam for coupons from Żabka. Pay attention to received SMS

Scammers are getting smarter – they regularly come up with new ways to get our money. This time it fell on alleged coupons from Żabka – people get messages with “fake” links. Be careful because you could lose money!

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Surely the network is full of scammers who are regularly waiting to steal our money. times as a method on the granddaughter were very popular, they are slowly becoming obsolete. Now thieves are trying to steal our data or worse, our money in other ways. Most of the time, their choice is fake text messages posing as someone.

There are also hacking hacks, even on government websites. Recently, one of the things that happened with a bailiff portal was that people who bid on different things could lose all their deposited money. This time, according to Niebezpiecznik, it was about impersonating Żabka and sending spam via SMS. The messages contain links and I strongly advise against clicking on them!

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Fake coupons from Żabka

SMS are sent to Poland where scammers posing as Żabka try to convince us that we have a coupon to redeem for this chain of stores. The above messages are sent from different numbers and the link hidden in them leads to the scammer’s page.

Then a fake payment gateway opens and extorts data to our banks. As long as you still click on the link (which I would advise against anyway) should not threaten us in any way, the fact that filling out the payment form is likely to result in us losing money from the bank.

What to do if you have already filled out this form? Immediately call the bank’s helpline and ask for the account to be blocked, stating that there has been a hack. Don’t hesitate, because every second is worth its weight in gold here!

After attempting to impersonate PGE and the government website, it’s time for Żabka. This is definitely not the last such attempt by scammers. Be wary of messages you receive from unknown numbers and do not click on links contained in such SMS.

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