Sci-fi strategy creators remove loot boxes and refund money

The developers of the Moonbreaker strategy decided to use & eogon; & cacute; to the critic & eogon; player and remove & aogon; from the game’s lootboxes, along with the rest of the & aogon; monetization possibilities. In & aogon; return & eogon;

Moonbreaker is a turn-based production from the creators of Subnautica, which resembles “plastic” battleships. We play the role of & eogon; in the captain of a ship exploring the surroundings of & eogon; in “1v1” matches with opposing teams. Title & lstrok; released in September, early access.

“Early Access is a time for us to experiment and improve the game, and monetization in its current form hinders these goals – was published on the official website. “That’s why & zdot; we remove j & aogon; for focusing & cacute; si & eogon; create the best possible game before we release the full & lstrok; n & aogon; version & eogon; “.

The action takes place & eogon; in a universe prepared by writer Brandon Sanderson. Ju & zdot; same announcement & zacute; caused some disappointment – fans expected & eogon; what & sacute; different from the creators of the popular Subnautica. The situation is not improving & lstrok; the fact that we & sacute; get the title & lstrok; for a minimum of $30, with additional support from the aforementioned lootboxes.

Moreover, even PvE matches are blocked by & lstrok;y for virtual & aogon; currency & aogon;, and modifying units also costs money. All this means that there is no shortage of criticism, and players have complained that we are getting systems straight from the Free to Play world, but in paid production.

The creators present & aogon; such far-reaching changes. Virtual currency is disappearing, as are random figure packs. Players get & aogon; money back and all units will be & aogon; unlocked. It seems & eogon; that trust & lstrok; about & zdot; however, tarnished and user-friendly users are already now miracle & aogon; si & eogon ;, if & aogon; solutions do not return & aogon; upon completion of the early access phase.

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