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Gemoo recorder is a completely free screen recorder that you can use to easily record screen, audio and webcam and share your videos with others to spread your ideas and works. All recorded videos can be edited using different elements such as shapes, texts, notes and more so that you can convey your ideas clearly. Recorded videos are stored in the cloud and can be organized and sorted using different views and tabs for quick and easy access.


Record everything: You can select and record anything you want, such as your screen activity, your voice, your webcam, or everything together. You can capture the whole screen or part of it, whatever you want. In addition, you can customize (currently only available for Mac) your appearance in the camera with various filters and virtual backgrounds, or choose to display your favorite avatar. The choice is solely yours. Editing and annotations: After recording, you can insert shapes, memes, text and annotations into your video to help you express your ideas. Storage and organization: All recorded material is stored in the cloud where you can organize it logically and professionally and share it with others to promote your work using an automatically generated link. Pointer Effects: Gemoo Recorder offers great pointer effects to keep your audience focused on what you want to show, so you can get your point across clearly. Emphasize your point: You can highlight any point in the video by marking a circle, etc., so that the point at hand can be clearly emphasized. Additional information can be inserted into the video via text and annotations for clarity. Add numbers and GIFs: You can insert numbers into your footage to make videos more logical, sequential and easy to understand. Furthermore, you can add GIFs to your videos to lighten the mood in the middle of a heavy or long topic. Security and privacy: Gemoo uses AWS data centers to host your videos and protects them with AES-256 encryption. In addition, all your communication with Gemoo takes place via TLS (Transport Layer Security), which offers maximum protection and prevents any unwanted access or theft of your data.

How does it work:

1. Go to Gemoo Recorder using the link at the bottom of this article and sign up for a free account using your Google or Apple credentials.

2. Press ‘Create Video’ and allow Gemoo to access your camera and microphone when prompted.

3. Click on ‘Record Now’ and on the next screen select what you want to record such as Screen + Camera, Screen Only, Camera Only or Audio Only. You can click and expand ‘More Settings’ to choose the camera and microphone to use, set the resolution, name/description of the video and more.

When you’re ready, click the “Start Recording” button. If you enable screen + camera recording, on the next screen you have to choose what you want to share and record, such as the entire desktop, a specific window, or a specific Chrome tab.

4. Now perform all the actions on the screen that you want to record on video if you have selected the screen recording option above. At the same time, you can speak into your microphone to record your voice instructions or messages if you have selected audio recording.

5. You can pause or stop your recording using the small panel on the right side of the Gemoo recorder page. This page can be minimized and you can return to it whenever you want to stop or pause.

6. To turn off the camera or resize the camera window, hover over the camera window and use the appropriate icons on the toolbar that appears. You can also choose to display an avatar instead of your camera shot by selecting an image from your local system.

7. To change the camera frame, click on the last icon on the toolbar and select the frame shape and type as needed

8. To end the recording, open the Gemoo recorder page that you have minimized and click the ‘Stop’ button.

9. Depending on the size (length) of the recording, it may take some time for the video to be processed, stored in the cloud and available for editing.

10. Add a description or comment for the recording using the available fields. This will help viewers learn more about it before watching or listening to the recording.

11. To shorten the video, add a thumbnail, text, call to action, etc., hover over the video, select the desired option, and follow the steps as instructed.

12. Once you have finished editing and making changes to the recording, click the ‘Share’ button in the top right corner of the page, choose whether you want to share it privately or publicly, copy the link (URL) and share it with whomever you choose.

13. To view a library of all your recorded media, click on the ‘Library’ icon in the upper left corner (see attached screenshot). Tap the 3-dot icon in the lower right corner of any recording to rename, duplicate, delete, and more.


While testing Gemoo Recorder, I found that the camera windows are only visible on the Gemoo Recorder main page and cannot be moved outside of it. So if you try to capture the screen of any other window or tab, your video in the camera will not be captured and this seems to be a major problem with the product.

Final words:

Gemoo Recorder is a decent free online tool for recording screen, audio and webcam and sharing your work with others. This makes it easier to interact with your teammates and clients to increase communication and improve workflow. Gemoo Recorder has great potential in the field of training, education, customer support and more.

Click here to navigate to the Gemoo recorder. The product is also available as a downloadable Windows application. You can click on the same link above and scroll to the bottom of the page to download the installer.

Gemoo also provides a good screen capture tool called Gemoo Snap for quick screenshot capture with various features. Click here to read more about it.

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