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Details of all beneficiaries Bolsa Familia started updating this month. According to the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, the whole process should be completed by December of this year.

As registrations are updated, families that do not meet the eligibility criteria for the welfare program will be excluded and those on the waiting list will be included in the program.

How will the update be done?

The cadastral update will be carried out c Crass (Reference Centers in Social Assistance), having been appointed in advance by the center itself. In other words, the beneficiary should wait for the contact and not go to the place without the appointed day.

It should be noted that Bolsa Familia payments will continue to be paid as normal while families await the call. However, those who do not attend Kras on the scheduled date will have their benefits terminated after 2 months.

According to the government, 12,000 people will be employed renew Bolsa Familia registrationby “actively searching” beneficiary data, excluding those who are ineligible and including those on the waiting list.

Who can receive Bolsa Familia in 2023?

Bolsa Família makes payments to people registered in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico:) who are in poverty (from R$100.01 to R$200.00) or extreme poverty (R$100.00). Families whose members receive “continuous social assistance benefits” are also entitled to Bolsa Família payments.

However, there are criteria for receiving benefits.

  • School attendance of children from participating families should be up to 85%;
  • Monitoring of lactating women;
  • In the case of pregnant women who are part of the family nucleus, it is necessary to carry out prenatal care.
  • Social-educational campaigns are carried out for children in child labor.
  • families with pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers or people aged 0 to 21 years;
  • Be in the rule of emancipation;
  • Children’s vaccination card must be up to date.

Bolsa Família Calendar

Official calendar Bolsa Familia payment 2023, follow the following dates:

  • NIS ends 1. payment on March 20;
  • NIS ends 2. payment on March 21;
  • NIS ends 3. payment on March 22;
  • NIS ends with 4. payment on March 23;
  • NIS ends with 5. payment on March 24;
  • NIS ends with 6. payment on March 27;
  • NIS ending 7: payment on March 28;
  • NIS ends with 8. payment on March 29;
  • NIS ends with 9. payment on March 30;
  • NIS ending with 0. payment on March 31st.

Values ​​of the new Bolsa Família

Through a temporary measure effective March 20, the minimum cost the new Bolsa Familia It is 600 BRL, extra 150 BRL for children under 6 years old.

In addition to this value, new Bolsa Familia also transfers: additional R$50 for children over 7 and youth under 18, as well as R$50 for each pregnant woman. In short, it is worth noting that such payments were made possible only thanks to the Transitional PEC, which guarantees 145 billion yuan over the federal budget spending ceiling for the next two years.

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