See how you raised our operators. We check Orange in Slovakia and T-Mobile in the Czech Republic

Today will be unusual, instead of compiling and comparing the offers of our operators, I decided to drive a little beyond our borders and check the offers from our southern neighbors. I admit it was an interesting and surprising read.

If some of you have complained about the offers of our operators until now, I think you will look at it from a different angle today. I would like to point out right away that it is not so much the prices that are surprising with these offers, but their content.

Subscription offer – Orange Slovakia

To make it easier for you to find your way around these offers, I have already translated them through the translator.

Probably the most popular Orange subscription in Slovakia is the EUR 34 per month (PLN 164) plan, which includes unlimited calls and SMS messages and 18 GB of data per month. The 16 EUR (PLN 77) tariff is half as cheap, with only 4 GB of data transfer per month and paid calls and messages.

The same price includes a package with unlimited calls and messages and 17 GB of data transfer, but only for teachers and students (when ordering, it is necessary to indicate the number of an ISIC, ITIC or EURO <26 card issued in Slovakia). An interesting option in this tariff are two days a month when you can use unlimited data transfer.

Other plans are slightly cheaper than 34 euros, but include several times less transfer per month. I was interested in the construction of this plan for EUR 2 (PLN 10), where we pay for calls and messages a maximum of EUR 20 (PLN 100) – a similar option as in the past in nju mobile.

In this tariff, you can also choose a package of data transfers as well as calls and messages. So for 5 GB of data transfer, 100 minutes of calls and 100 SMS messages, together with a fixed monthly fee, you have to pay 27 euros per month (PLN 130).

What about larger data packages? For 35 GB per month you have to pay a full 45 EUR (PLN 217), after using this limit the Internet speed drops to 3 Mb/s for EUR 67 (PLN 323) there is “unlimited” data transfer, with a limit of 1 TB, after exceeding which the speed drops to 10 Mb/s.

Prepaid offer – Orange Slovakia

The prepaid offer consists of three tariffs, all with paid calls and messages, priced from €1 to €3 per month – so whether someone uses it or not, they have to pay for the chosen package. In the basic prepaid offer, you can buy additional packages, for example 2 GB of data transmission for EUR 6 per month (PLN 30), unlimited SMS messages for EUR 2 (PLN 10) or 100 minutes of calls per month for EUR. 5 (PLN 25) . There is also a weekly package of unlimited calls for 2 euros or unlimited calls to one number in the Orange network for 3 euros per month.

Subscription offer – T-Mobile Czech Republic

We are already moving to the Czech Republic, where there is no euro yet. The subscription offer includes three 5G plans that include the full limit for calls, SMS messages and data transfer – 4 GB, 6 GB and 10 GB for 585 CZK (115 PLN), 645 CZK (126 PLN) and 720 Czech crowns (141 PLN) .

Don’t be fooled by the description – Always Online, because it just means that once you’ve crossed a given data limit, your full speed data will slow down to a dizzying 256kbit/s.

Full unlimited tariffs including data transfer cost CZK 930 (PLN 182), CZK 1,140 (PLN 224) or CZK 1,340 (PLN 263).

The cheapest tariff limits the data transfer speed to 10 Mb/s after exceeding the limit of 15 GB, the next tariff is limited to 20 Mb/s after exceeding 40 GB, only the most expensive tariff is the full transfer limit – without limitation of transferred data and speed.

Prepaid offer – T-Mobile Czech Republic

Starter cards in the offer for the T-Mobile Czech Republic card with a starter or top-up bonus cost from CZK 150 (PLN 30) to CZK 469 (PLN 92) or a free version without any bonuses. Of course, services are paid for here.

Here you can use already prepared service packages. For example, 12 GB of data transmission per year (1 GB per month) is available for CZK 998 (PLN 196) or unlimited calls from 19:00 to 7:00 – and only to T-Mobile numbers for CZK 39 (PLN 8) or unlimited transmission data for the whole day for CZK 69 (PLN 13).

It can therefore be said that we have developed (and this is also due to considerable competitive pressure in our country) very favorable offers from our operators compared to the offers that our southern neighbors can use. Personally, after getting to know them, I gained a slightly different perspective on what and at what prices we can use telco services in our country.

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