See photos of SP’s new Hands office

Also launched by the agency is the new concept “Hands. Content, Experience and Objectives’; Provocative attitudes are intended to influence customer business results

After a two-year hiatus, during which the entire agency team remained in a home office due to the pandemic – previously the office was in Moema – Hands is opening a new headquarters in Brooklyn, São Paulo, adopting a hybrid work model. and a new communication concept: Hands. Content, experience and objectives.

Hands CEO Marcelo Lenhardt says the new headquarters also translates the agency’s new positioning. “We understand that the hybrid model is the model that works best. So we made a good investment in a new headquarters that is really modern, contemporary and forward-looking, which also confirms our positioning of content, experience and goals,” explains Lenhardt, who founded the company in 2001.

Marcelo Lenhardt. “The new headquarters brings a look to the future” (Photos: Disclosure🇧🇷

Recognized in the market for major brand activations, Hands recently promoted the Ray-Ban Ocupa campaign, which included multi-disciplinary activities with raffles and a four-film appearance with Gloria Groove. The brand experience project culminated in artistic installations and performances, in an iconic space in São Paulo, the Teatro of Oficina, in the Bixiga district, combining art and music, with the presence and performance of Gloria Groove, among other artists, in the last 3 days. and 4.

An excerpt from the agency’s manifesto, which was released to the market, reads: Creativity and boldness are our calling, but now, more than ever, in addition to stories that engage and bring brands and consumers closer together, we have a responsibility to act as agents of transformation.”

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