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see when payments will resume

Last week, the Federal Government officially finished disbursing the eighth round of its Auxílio Brasil, and there is already a date for its return. According to the official release calendar, the program will resume on July 18th. The transfers will take place at the usual pace until July 29.

The National Congress will continue to discuss the creation of additional issues for Auxílio Brasil this week. However, regardless of the outcome of the debates, the program calendar does not change. So, with or without increase, the balance of this month of July will be paid even between 18th and 29th for all groups.

It can also be said that the program will not be paid together with the national gas voucher. The social project that helps people buy bottles is bi-monthly, that is, the deposit is always made every two months. Since the last issue took place in June, the next one will be in the pockets of citizens only in August.

In fact, in the last month of June, the Federal Government made the Auxílio Brasil payments together with the national gas voucher between the 17th and the 30th. According to information from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, a little more than 18 million people have received the money. aid, while the national gas voucher received 5.4 mln.

Anyone who is on the benefit payroll and has not yet withdrawn the balance can complete the procedure. Just open the Caixa Tem app and transfer the money. Through the application, citizens can make payments in the form of vouchers, make purchases in the form of debits and make transfers. Each person has up to 120 days to carry out certain activities with the balance.

Number of users

The number of Auxílio Brasil users for the month of July is still uncertain. The natural recommendation is that program beneficiaries continue to consult their profile data in the program’s official application. The Ministry of Citizenship should update the data there.

The same tip applies to people who are not on the payroll and want to get into the program. It is important to pay attention to the application to see if you will be part of the group of individuals who can join the social project.

It should be remembered that the National Congress continues to analyze the debates of the PEC, which has the authority to increase the values ​​of the program. The same text also envisages that the government will eliminate the waiting list for entering social benefits.

Brazil help

The federal government started paying Auxílio Brasil at the end of last November 2021. At the time, the program still paid just under 14 million Brazilians. Average prices were around R$220.

This year, the social project has added more than 4 million individuals since the beginning of this year, bringing the total number of users to 18 million. Prices also increased and reached a minimum of 400 rials per citizen.

To be eligible for Auxílio Brasil, you must have an active and up-to-date Cadúnico account. In addition, it is important to have a per capita income ranging from R$0 to R$105. Those with an income ranging from R$106 to R$210 are also eligible as long as they live with a pregnant woman or person. up to 21 years old..

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