Selm’s goal for Urban Nature Day is to get people moving again

The first Urban Nature Day in Selm was held in 2019. The focus was on climate and environmental protection and sustainable action. There is a new edition, the participants of which can experience Selmi in a different way.

This was the first day of urban nature that touched people in 2019. Literally. Because citizens could experience in different places what associations, institutions or private providers have created in terms of sustainability and environmental protection, and what campaigns they have come up with. Crowds of people came, many of them on bicycles, to go from place to place and see for themselves what climate protection ideas already exist. This is how the then still very young Solidarity Agriculture Association (Solawi) Lipeuwen Bork was introduced.

This year it will be Urban Nature Day again. The day is Saturday, September 10.

Nature is an indispensable part of the city of Selm

“Climate and environmental protection have been a priority for the City of Selm for years,” said Selm Mayor Thomas Orlowski. “Urban Nature Day is now a good opportunity to present important issues such as environmental protection and sustainability to the general public. Here, citizens have the opportunity to recognize and experience nature in various places as an indispensable part of the city of Selm.”

There will also be an Urban Nature Day in Selm this year. © Gunther Goldstein (archive)

Those involved in the 2019 Urban Nature Day have already been contacted, according to a press release from the City of Selm. The municipality received the first registrations for September.

“Of course, other interested persons who would like to participate in the urban nature day can register. This can be private individuals as well as clubs, institutions, organizations, associations or farmers,” explains Julia Bramkamp, ​​who is responsible for the environment and mobility of the city administration.

Small tours, performances, exhibitions, hands-on activities, games or handicrafts are possible. The choice of theme is also free, as long as it is compatible with the theme of Urban Nature Day.

Following the official launch and a welcome by Mayor Thomas Orlowski at Tern Lake, activities will be offered from 11.30am to 5pm in many locations across the city. Information and registration for Urban Nature Day from Julia Bramkamp, ​​j.bramkamp@stadtselm.de or Tel. 02592-69224.

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